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Throughout this webquest you will be doing multiple projects both in groups and individually.  Each group will be assigned a particular topic that is important to literacy education.  For this webquest, literacy learning and instruction have been divided into four sections with writing instruction and language integrated in each.

Each of these sections has specific topics that all teachers should know and understand.  As a graduate student and teacher, knowledge of these topics will enable you to develop a quality literacy program in your classroom.  During this semester you will be doing research both inside and outside this class that will give you a deeper understanding of literacy education. 

This webquest is focused around research through the use of technology.  As a whole class, small group, and individually you will be doing research through the use of this webquest and other technological tools. 

The webquest objectives are as follows:

  1. Read and reflect on seminal and recent research in reading and the language arts.
  2. Identify and discuss different types of educational research.
  3. Evaluate specific research in reading and the language arts.
  4. Effectively use technological tools including Powerpoint, Inspiration, and Word.
  5. Participate in discussions of critical research-based issues in reading and language arts.
  6. Identify the implications of research for the teaching of reading and the language arts.
  7. Develop awareness of and sensitivity to critical  concepts and issues in educational reseach.
  8. Become knowledgable researchers through the use of online research.
The tasks assigned for this webquest are time consuming but rewarding.  They are designed to help present the new knowledge you have gained while at the same time help you practice creating projects that are relevant and useful in the classroom.  There will be five main project tasks which integrate your research and technology knowledge. 


Tasks for the webquest


Research articles and response journals (Individual and Group


Biography of an earlier and modern literacy person in your assigned literacy section. (Individual)


Personal conversation between the two literacy contributors (Group) 


Timeline of the famous people and events in this particular section (Group)


Two page personal response on the histroy of literacy education. (Individual)



Webquest Participation:

To gain the most from this webquest, participants should become members of the International Reading Association and the Greater San Diego Reading Association.  Membership into the GSDRA gives you membership in the California Reading Association. This reading organization is important for all teachers.  It has many useful research tools for this class and your future in the classroom.

Each student must also become a member of the History of Literacy Organization.  Student membership cost is just $5.00 for the year.  This site has a wealth of knowledge for you as an educator and will be a jumping off point for you research. 

Once you have divided into groups, you must also join as a group the  National Society for the Study of Education organization. This site is filled with important information for all teachers.

Students must have a working email account where the class and the coordinator can reach you. 

Attendance and participation is also a requirement.  It counts as part of your grade.  Students are expected to attend all classes.  If a student must be absent from class, he or she is expected to call or e-mail the instructor before class.  (See rubric)

Students are expected to complete and turn in assigments on time.  If the class is to be a useful learning environment each person must be responsible for doing his/her share of the work and having it ready on the due date.  If work is turned in late, the instructor reserves the right to lower the grade the student will receive on the late work.

All students are expected to behave in a professional manner.  Professionalism may be defined in a number of ways, but the following will characterize professionalism for the purposes of this webquest: (1) Attendance and participation; (2) Attitude; (3) Preparedness and timeliness; (4) Initiative; (5) Responsibility; (6) Collaboration and collegiality; (7) Quality of assignments.


Weekly Schedule:




Task for the week 
Due Date for assignments 

Week 1

Overview of the webquest, Powerpoint and Inspiration presentation, introduce NSSE, and HOL website,  and join IRA, CRA, GSDRA, and HOL.

Week 2

Review sections of literacy, divide into small groups, pick literacy section, join NSSE, discuss the first assignment for the webquest (Group and Individual assignment), and begin group research.

Assignment 1:

Research articles and response journals
(due week four)

Week 3

Reading discussion, webquest discussion, and group research in the smart classroom 

Week 4

Assignment 1 due, jigsaw with studies, whole group discussion, review 2nd assignment (Individual assignment)

Assignment 1 due today.

Assignment 2: Biography of two literacy educators
(due week 7)

Week 5

Reading discussion, webquest discussion, individual research in the smart classroom 

Week 6

Reading discussion, Research discussion, individual research in the smart classroom 

Week 7

Assignment 2 due, Jigsaw biographies, whole group discussion, review 3rd assignment (Group assignment)

Assignment 2 due today

Assignment 3:
Personal conversation between two literacy contributors

(due week 9)

Week 8

Reading discussion, webquest discussion, and group research in smart classroom 

Week 9

Assignment 3 due, presentation of conversations, review 4th assignment (Group assignment) 

Assignment 3 due today

Assignment 4: Time line of the famous people and events
(due week 11) 

Week 10

Reading discussion, webquest discussion, group research in the smart classroom 

Week 11

Assignment 4 due, whole group discussion, create whole group timeline, review assignment 5 

Assignment 4 due today

Assignment 5: Personal response on the history of literacy (due week 15) 

Week 12

Reading discussion, webquest discussion, continue whole class timeline, individual writing in smart classroom 

Week 13 & 14

Reading discussion, webquest discussion, individual writing in smart classroom 

Week 15

Assignment 5 due, wrap up, and review history of literacy 

Assignment 5 due today 

Goodbye, you're done!!!!!!!!