Nancy Farnan

Nancy Farnan

I have one of the best jobs in the world--with never a dull moment! I am a Professor in the College of Education, School of Teacher Education and teach credential and graduate courses in English education, reading/language arts, and middle level education. I also wear the hat of Graduate Program Coordinator and co-direct, with Dr. Bernie Dodge, a credential program that brings educational technology into the world of middle and secondary education.


I'm a California transplant from Ohio's Miami Valley, a little town near Dayton. Only those who have been in that vicinity or who remember hearing about the 1974 tornado will know Xenia, Ohio. That's my hometown, and I lived within a 15-mile radius for almost 30 years before moving to the farthest corner of the U.S.--San Diego. I decided long ago that I would spend my life in schools, beginning as a student, then becoming a middle and secondary school teacher, and, finally, moving to the university. I have three terrific children, one of whom has decided that she, too, wants to be a teacher. My husband is also my colleague; we are office partners and collaborate on our mutual interests in the areas of reading/writing/language arts curriculum and instruction. One of our shared passions is evident in our co-teaching at San Diego State a summer Writing Institute for Teachers, committed as we are to the idea that comprehensive writing programs are as critical to a child's education as are comprehensive and balanced reading programs.

Areas of Focus; Research/Project Interests

Like many people I know, the Type A personality, the workaholic profile, fits me pretty well. My interests outside of the work I do (which, incidentally, I thoroughly enjoy--I tell my students that this profession called teaching had better give them more energy than it takes because it takes a prodigious amount.) usually represent pure escapism. For that reason, I enjoy a good book, sailing, an absorbing movie, and travel (trips to places far away that offer new and exciting experiences).

Other Interesting Things

There are two things I would like to do. One is to learn a second language, to become functionally bilingual. The other is to write a piece of fiction, whether a short story or novel. Both of these I keep relegating to the "next" decade of my live, but if I'm not careful, I'll run out of decades. (I guess we all do, sooner or later.)

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