Class Schedule

University classes are typically held at Lauderbach in the morning from 8:30-11:30 and in the afternoon from 12:30-3:30. You will also attend at least one evening course at SDSU (7-9:30 pm) each semester. First semester that course will be PLC 915, and in the spring it will be EdTech 470. You will also be required to attend occasional 4:00 seminars at Lauderbach during your student teaching.

First SemesterUnitsSecond SemesterUnits
TE 960 Basic Seminar1TE 961 Advanced Seminar1
TE 965 Basic Student Teaching8TE 966 Advanced Student Teaching8
TE 930 Reading and Lang. Arts3TE 930 Reading and Lang. Arts3
TE 910A Math Methods3TE 923 Education Psychology3
TE 902 Classroom Management1TE 910C Science Methods3
TE 910B Social Studies Methods3EdTech 470 Technology*2
PLC 915A EnglishLang Learner3

* You may also be required to take a one unit technology course at SDSU. This course is usually offered on Friday afternoons.

When you are student teaching full-time you will hold "teacher's hours" specific to your school site. We currently partner with the following schools in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

  • Casillas
  • Chula Vista Hills
  • Clear View
  • Eastlake
  • Finney
  • Halecrest
  • Hedenkamp
  • Hilltop
  • *Lauderbach
  • Liberty
  • Marshall
  • McMillin
  • Rice
  • Salt Creek
  • Veterans