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National Center

for the Twenty-first Century Schoolhouse

National Center

for the Twenty-first Century Schoolhouse


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Analyze Existing Conditions

Assessing Environmental Quality

The Relationship between Environmental Quality of School Facilities and Student Performance. A Congressional Briefing to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science

Indoor air quality

Guidance for Filtration and Air-Cleaning Systems to Protect Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attacks

Causes of Indoor Air Quality Problems in Schools. Summary of Scientific Research. Revised Edition.


Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings.

Definitions of Problems to be Solved


Overcrowding in Urban Schools

The State of Municipal Services in the 1990s: Crowding, Building

Conditions and Staffing in New York City Public Schools.


New Standards Should Help Children in Noisy Classrooms

Have You Heard? Noise Can Effect Learning!

The Needs Assessment Process

A Demographic Projecting Wrinkle.

Projecting Student Enrollments in Tough Economic Times.

School Facilities Assessment

Capital Need Assessment Survey

Assessing the Need.

When Enrollment Soars.,%20enrollment

Using a Student Yield Index in Planning for Student Growth.

Renovation and Historic Restoration

D.C. Public Schools Renovation Work.

Extreme School Remodeling.

Historic Neighborhood Schools Deliver 21st Century Education

CHPS High Performance Schools Manual

Historic Schools: Renovation vs. Replacement & the Role of a Feasibility Study.

Build New or Renovate School Facilities

Executive Summary for First Priority Projects (51-100 Years Old). /463f11f571d068ec8725746a007ad813/$FILE/3DI%20Executive%20Summary.pdf

Executive Summary for Second Priority Projects (31-50 Years Old).

Executive Summary for Third Priority Projects (16-30 Years Old).

Renovate or Build New?

Educate Yourself About Preservation: Preserving Pennsylvania’s Historic School Buildings

Renovate or Replace: The Case for Restoring and Reusing Older School Buildings.

New Wine in Old Bottles. State of the Art Planning Concepts in Old Buildings. [PowerPoint Presentation]

Schools for the Future. Transforming Schools: An Inspirational Guide to Remodelling Secondary Schools.

Hard Lessons: Causes and Consequences of Michigan's School Construction Boom.

Historic Neighborhood Schools Deliver 21st Century Educations.

State Policies and School Facilities: How States Can Support or Undermine Neighborhood Schools and Community Preservation.

Historic Schools Technical Assistance Consortium. Final Report.

Why Johnny Can't Walk to School: Historic Neighborhood Schools in the Age of Sprawl.

Historic Neighborhood Schools: Success Stories. Issues and Initiatives.

Historic Schools: Renovation vs. Replacement & the Role of a Feasibility Study.

Reconstructing School Renovation: A Study of the Renovation of Johnson-Williams Middle School, Berryville, Virginia. Building Blocks to Better Learning Series, Volume Six.

Modernization Study and Report Natick High School [Massachusetts].

Replace or Modernize? The Future of the District of Columbia's Endangered Old and Historic Public Schools.

Assessing the Fit Between Educational Programs and Older Buildings

Preserving Heritage While Restoring and Improving Facilities: A Rural Community's Experience.

Maintaining Respect for the Past and Flexibility for the Future: Additions and Renovations as an Integrated Sequence.

Renovating Older Schools: Reusing Older Schools.

Renovating Early and Middle 20th Century Schools [Conference] (St. Louis, Missouri, June 24-26, 1999).

Options for Improving Rural School Facilities.

Rural Schools Facilities: Additions & Renovations As an Integrated Sequence

Feasibility and Cost Analysis Forms. North Carolina Public Schools

What Difference Do Local Schools Make? A Literature Review and Bibliography.

Revitalization of School Facilities.

The Politics of School Board-Community Interaction: A Case Study of a High School Construction Project.

Restore, Renovate, or Rebuild?

Making the Old New Again.

Renovation vs. New Build.

Second Chances.

Cinderella Stories: Adaptive Reuse of Older Buildings.

Trash or Treasure.

Planning for School Facilities. School Board Decision Making and Local Coordination in Michigan.

Should You Renovate or Build New?

Steps to Success.

The Big Fix.

New Life.

School Choice: Build New or Not

Renovation vs. New Construction.

Equity: Keeping the Core Community Happy.

A Final Determination.

Surviving Closings and Consolidations.


By Design.

This Old Campus

Old Buildings, New Life.

Blending Old and New.

Closing Doors.

To Renovate or Build?

Hidden Opportunities.

Historic Neighborhood Schools Success Stories

Capital Improvement Programs

Kentucky Department of Education 2009 District & Building Assessments.

Building Minds, Minding Buildings: School Infrastructure Funding Need, A State-by- State Assessment and an Analysis of Recent Court Cases.

Smart Schools, Smart Growth.

Proposed November 4, 2008, Bond Resolution.

Economic Impacts of Planned School Construction Projects in New Jersey.

Linking School Construction Investments to Equity, Smart Growth, and Healthy Communities.

An Overview of the State School Facility Programs.

Growing Pains: Reforming Department of Education Capital Planning to Keep Pace with New York City's Residential Construction.

School Facility Program Handbook: A Guide to Assist with Applying for and Obtaining Grant Funds.

Final Report: New School Construction Grant Adequacy Study.

Alaska Department of Education and Early Development Capital Projects Priority Lists.

Construction and Modernization: Information to Assist School Districts in Addressing Construction and Modernization Needs.

Building Better Schools-Improving Buildings to Support Learning.

Williams v. California: The Statewide Impact of Two Years of Implementation.

Revenues and Expenditures by Public School Districts: School Year 2004-05.

Palo Alto Unified School District Facility Master Plan.

A Year of Reform and Rededication: New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation 2006 Annual Report.

Better Buildings Better Design Better Education.

Regulations Relating to the Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998: (School Facility Program)

School Building Construction and Inspection Resource Manual. [Utah]

Ten Year Facilities Plan. [Idaho]

Current and Future Facilities Needs of Texas Public School Districts.

Growth and Disparity: A Decade of U.S. Public School Construction.

2005 Indiana School Construction Annual Report.

Dekalb County School System SPLOST II Forensic Program Review: Preminary Report of Findings and Recommendations.

East Haddam Public School Long Range Facilities Plan.

2006 South Carolina School Facilities Planning and Construction Guide.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Five-Year Capital Plan Fiscal Years 2006-2010.

Proposition MM: Repairing our Neighborhood Schools. [San Diego, California]

State Allocation Board, Office of Public School Construction, Annual Report 2005-2006.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission 2005 Annual Report.

The Williams v. California Settlement: The First Year of Implementation.

Building for the Future: The School Enrollment Boom in North Carolina.

Capital Needs Assessment Survey.

Creation of a System-Wide Commissioning Program for a Public School District.

How Communities Can Use Research To Hold School Systems Accountable.

The Economic Impact of Implementing the Cincinnati Public Schools' Facilities Master Plan on Greater Cincinnati.

Transforming Our Schools, Building for Student Success: San Lorenzo Unified School District.

Planning Effective Leadership for Facility Development (for Small and Medium Size Districts).

Building Our Future: The Ohio School Facilities Commission FY 2000 Annual Report.

Guidebook to the School Facility Program. [California]

State Allocation Board, Office of Public School Construction, Annual Report 1999-2000,

Equality and Liberty in State Policy for the Funding of School Capital Expenditures.

The Newark Public Schools Five-Year Facilities Management Plan. Summary Report.

Evaluation and Improvement of the Functions and Operations of the DPS FMCI Service Center. Final Report.

Montgomery County Public Schools Policies: Section F: Facilities Development. [Maryland]

Public School Capital Improvement Programs Basic Elements and Best Practices: Guidance for the District of Columbia.

Chicago Public Schools Five Year Capital Improvement Program Fiscal Years 2000 - 2004

Building, Expanding and Renovating Public Schools in Massachusetts. A Brief Owner's Guide to the Process.

State Building Aid for Public School Districts and BOCES. [New York]

North Dakota's School Construction Approval Process and School Construction Loan Approval Process Reference Guide.

Wake County Public School System Design Guidelines [North Carolina].

D.C. Public Schools Renovation Work.

Ohio School Facilities Commission 1998 Annual Report: Building Our Future.

Ohio School Facilities Commission 1999 Annual Report.

Optimizing Value and Avoiding Problems in Building Schools.

School Construction Assistance Programs.

What is Facilities Program Management?

Handbook on Planning School Facilities. [West Virginia]

School Construction Technical Assistance Manual. [Delaware]

Capital Improvement Project Workshops. [Alaska]

Asset Management Plan: 1998-2003. Jefferson County School District, No. R-1.

Capital Outlay and Exceptional Growth Programs Overview. [Georgia]

From the Ground Up: A Handbook for Organizing for Capital Improvements to Your Public Schools.

Letter of Intent Forms.

Planning for Education: Space Guidelines for Planning Educational Facilities. [Oklahoma]

District of Columbia Goals 2000: Rebuilding Public School Facilities to 21st Century Standards. Interim Report Goals 2000 Panel. Revised May 7, 1997.

Lessons Learned From Recently Opened High Schools: A Study of Process and Outcomes.

Building Clean. The Control of Crime, Corruption, and Racketeering in the Public Construction Markets of New York City. A Preliminary Assessment of Efforts Made by the Office of the Inspector General, New York City School Construction Authority.

The Decision Making Roles and Processes of Texas Superintendents in Educational Facility Planning.

The Kentucky School Facilities Planning Manual. 702 KAR 1:001. Revised.

Recommendation of Standards for Educational Space for Public School Facilities. [Texas]

Guide for Planning Educational Facilities.

San Diego's Capital Planning Process.

Campania Region's Educational Quality Facilities Project.

Stimulus for Schools. dress-Growing-Enrollment--10375

Head of the Class.

L.A.'s Learning Curve.

Modernizing Portugal's Secondary Schools.

Up from the Ruins: State and District Leaders Are Fighting to Rebuild and Repair New Orleans Schools.

The Challenges Faced by Fast-Growing School Districts.

Managing the K-12 Portfolio.

L.A. Facilities Chief Brings Military Ethic To Massive Operation

Building Schools for the Future in the United Kingdom.

Implementing the Capital Plan.

Districtwide Designs.

A Bold Plan.

Fixing It Right.

Building a New Campus: From Mediocrity to Magnificence.

Evaluating the Planning, Design, and Construction Department: The Capital Programs Management Audit.

Easing the Pain.

Avoiding Project Creep.

On the Right Track.

School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish

Wake County Public School System Plan 2004.

Educational Facilities Planning -- Overview

School Facilities Master Planning

Site Selection for Schools


Engage Community / Work Publicly / Analyze Existing Conditions / Learner-centered Design / Focus: Teaching and Learning / Educational Specifications / Budget, Construction, Completion / Assess Throughout /



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