Bringing in the Pond with iMovie

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Ms. Erpelding's K-1 Multi-age Classroom

This iMovie was made for Ms. Erpelding at Turtleback Elementary School in an attempt to make real world connections with the content of the classroom. Many writing, counting, drawing, and other literacy activities accompanied the science lessons taught in this K-1 multi-age setting. What began as an invitation to speak to a class about ponds turned into a field trip where Dr. Yerrick accompanied several students to a pond to collect samples for the classroom to see and feel for themselves. This iMovie was accompanied in the classroom by live animals (crayfish, frogs, lizards, turtles, snails, bugs) for students to observe. All animals were returned the following day to the pond and no animals were harmed during their collection or observation.

Below are several units of practice accompanying this iMovie

 Pond UOP #1 | Pond UOP #2 | Pond UOP #3 | Pond UOP #4

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