rachel MVC-030S MVC-001F horse MVC-001F1
Welcome Friendly Whelk NOAA Station Sea Oats at Low Tide Seaweed
MVC-001F5 MVC-001F6 MVC-001F7 MVC-021F MVC-002F
Innumerable Shells Long beach head on rainy day Horse Trail Wide Beach Head Horse Trail Entry
MVC-004F MVC-004S MVC-005Sa MVC-010S MVC-007S
Sea Oat Marsh at Low Tide Dentritis Sponge Cannonball Jellyfish Fiddler Crab
MVC-009F MVC-009F2 MVC-009Sa MVC-001F2 MVC-010F

Fresh Water Leaching

Estuarium Anenomoes at Low Tide Periwinkle Snails Estuarium Waterfront
MVC-011Sa MVC-012S MVC-015S MVC-003F MVC-014F
Low Energy Sediments Sea Lettuce Hermit Crab New Bern Waterfront Blue Crab
MVC-015Sa MVC-016S MVC-016Sa MVC-007Sa MVC-017S
Low Tide Water Pooling Detached Seaweed Wild Horse Rare sight of Whelks' embrace Attached Seaweed
MVC-023F MVC-025S MVC-026S MVC-001F4 MVC-027S
Ghost Crab Coral and Shrimp Sea Squirts Vast beach head at low tide Flounder in disguise
Image  1 copy MVC-008S MVC-022S MVC-003S MVC-011F
Beaufort Sunset Cannonball Jellyfish Emperor Whelk Dentritis Susan Lovelace guiding visitors


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