Taking a field trip with NOAA researcher

Dr. Susan Lovelace, the Director of Destine Research for the Rachel Carson Reserve offers field trips to Rachel Carson Island, Masonboro Island and several other points of interest in this federally protected area. Her commitment to sparking public interest to protect these pristine wetlands have resulted in many products including Estuary-Net, a water quality monitoring project for students and "Live from the Estuary," a Real Media interactive telebroadcast from the NC sound. This virtual field trip and interacts with the viewing audience via e-mail for classrooms who sign up to participate. This program is offered twice every year and free for any class. Teachers can check schedules and sign up for this program at http://www.estuarylive.org. Getting involved in volunteer data collection and water monitoring to protect destine resources is an important component to maintaining North Carolina's ecology. Example data sets that students and researchers have collaborated on and have provided for the general public's education are provided at http://inlet.geol.se.edu/estsites.html. Research data is also made available at http://inlet.geol.se.edu/stanprod.html.


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