Carolina Estuarine Reserve Foundation (

This site shares information about North Carolina's estuaries and other coastal ecosystems learned by the Carolina Estuarine Reserve Foundation (CERF). They raise funds necessary for maintaining the present reserves as well as procuring future additional estuarine properties.

Live from the North Carolina Estuary (

This site provides information regarding how to get involved with the award winning telebroadcast live from the estuary. Dr. Susan Lovelace hosts a virtual field trip and interacts with the viewing audience via email for classrooms who sign up to participate. This program is offered twice every year and free for any class.

Estuary-Net examples of water quality data sheets (

Getting involved in volunteer data collection and water monitoring to protect estuine resources is an important component to maintaining North Carolina's ecology. This site provides example data sets that students and researchers have collaborated on and have provided for the genereal public's education. Research data is also made available at

North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve (

A good source of information concerning North Carolina's Estuarine system, the third largest in the country.

NERR System-Wide Monitoring Program (

Learn about how the National Estuarine Research Reserve monitors data across the country. This site teaches students in depth about NERR's data collection processes.

North Carolina Division of Coastal Management (

The North Carolina Division of Coastal Management works to ensure that various environmental laws concerning North Carolina's coasts are upheld. This site explains the different laws and also the various ways that the DCM helps to keep our coast beautiful. Live from the Estuary Explore the estuary LIVE on the web or watch last year's virtual field trip.