National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Research Station

What is the purpose of the NOAA research station? Scientists working in this station focus on research pertaining to the population (organisms in the same place), community (different species living together), and habitats (homes of specific organisms) of this natural, dynamic ecosystem. What makes this ecosystem unlike others is that it represents a vital interface between fresh water and the ocean. Up to 70% of the seafood harvested on the East Coast spends part of its life in the North Carolina estuary. While it is influenced by tides, floods, animal migrations, and a host of other biotic and abiotic factors, water quality and human development impacts are the greatest threat to the health of the estuary. Ironically, the beauty of the area attracts damaging tourism and resort communities development which can endanger the ecosystem as a whole. Only when we understand the impacts of humans' presence can we hope to protect these resources vital to our food and fresh water needs.

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