Sunset at Beaufort North Carolina

Imagine sitting on this private dock at the end of a warm summer day. It is a tranquil setting with only the sound of crickets chirping and a lapping of the waves on the grassy shore. You are looking out over the water and watching the big orange sun go down...but wait a minute! How can the sun set off the coast of North Carolina? Isn't this the East Coast? There is more to this panorama than meets the eye. Examine a map of Beaufort and see if you can figure out how this can occur. There are also other natural lighting features at work here. It is clear that the sky is changing so quickly that each shutter captures a different light intensity as the camera is rotated through a 360 degree panoramic shot. See if you can figure out how many frames it took to shoot this panorama and what the maximum angle is for the camera to view. Also, you should be able to make a good guess from the colors and light intensity which shots were taken first and in what direction the camera was rotated on the tripod. On second thought, why not just put your feet up and enjoy the tranquility of the moment.


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