March 10, 2014

Peace Corps Funding Action Alert! 

During the National Day of Action, Massachusetts advocates met with Congressman Jim McGovern (2nd from right).  One of the messages they left was to be on the lookout for the annual House "Dear Colleague" letter, urging increased Peace Corps funding.

The Peace Corps funding letter is now circulating, and Congressman McGovern is one of the first to sign on!

The message to your Congressman/woman is simple:  "Please sign the Farr - Petri Dear Colleague letter which supports $400 million for the Peace Corps in Fiscal Year 2015."

Follow the link below for more details on how to take quick action, and to see if your member of the House of Representatives has already signed the letter!

We will provide several updates over the next week as we seek to meet or surpass last year's record of 142 signatures.

Please call our San Diego area congress-person(s)!
Our 4 members of congress can be reached at:

Susan Davis -- 202 225 2040
Scott Peters -- 202 225 0508
Duncan Hunter -- 202 225 5672
Juan Vargas -- 202 225 8045