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Rather, this is a forum about issues of concern to RPCVs.


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Of Local Interest

SDPCA members advocate for Peace Corps 8.22.13

Rudy Sovinee in Thailand--in-sights of a Citizen of the World
Awesome slideshows from Rudy: (password is peace)
Latest activities and house-building in Thailand
.---12/27/07 Thoughts as 2007 ends (96 photos)
.---12/10/07 Holiday Greeting from Rudy & Boon (8 photos)
12/1/07 Festival of Lights: July 4-New Years-Rose Bowl-All in One! (38 photos)
11/07 Rudy's Thailand pictures from Wang Nua (56 photos)
07 Much News in Rudy's life in Thailand (65 photos)
---.9/07 Home Making in Thailand (35 photos)
.....8/07 Rudy's travels with Boon - to her village (41 photos)
SD Retiree now in PC Ukraine - 7/05

PC/Kenya Program Temporarily Suspended - 2/5/08
Choteau native helps combat poverty and save a wonder... - 11/4/07
New search for PC-Bolivia volunteer Walter Poirier - 10/06/07
Dodd Campaign Releases Chris Dodd Halloween Costume
- 10/31/07
Former UN figure speaks at UCLA - 10/31/07
Dalai Lama Promotes Peace During Atlanta Visit - 10/28/07
Peace Corps Announces Highest Number of Vounteers - 10/23/07
Peace Corps returns to Ethiopia after 10 years - 10/4/07


JFK at the Union: The unknown story of the PC speech UofM - 1/15/08
Expand the Peace Corps Sen. Chris Dodd, NYTimes - 1/14/08
Letters: Who Helps Whom in the PC? NYTimes - 1/13/08
Too Many Innocents Abroad Robert L. Strauss, NYTimes - 1/9/08
More Peace Corps (.pdf file) K. Quigley - 12/07

Final Goal: Telling Congress how we can bring world home
K. Quigley - 7/07
Promises to Keep: Rethink future of PC K.Quigley - 5/07
Finding Peace: A Different Side of Islam -4/07


Peace-Promoting Events #1 - from Pacific Waves
Peace-Promoting Events #2 - from Pacific Waves
Quotes to Bring it back home - from Pacific Waves

PC as Military Reserve Option - 8/05
5-year Rule:Flaw in PC Bill - 6/04
Using PC to Reach Out - 4/04
US Freedom Corps Commentary - 6/03+
Moyers: On America's Future - 6/03
Shriver: Call to New PC/4th goal - 11/01