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from Pacific Waves, May-June 2003, v16,n3

Peace begins when the hungry are fed.

Peace-Promoting Events -- 2

International Visitors Council, San Diego....
....usually sends us their events too late for the Pacific Waves calendar. But you can get on their website and get the latest soirees (below). The Council hosts leaders from literally every country in the world and chairs events with varying themes for these leaders to present their views, together with American speakers.

For example, a recent event was on international crime and global cooperation. They also seek supportive San Diego homes to host the international individuals.
-- For events or to sign up, go to or call 619.291.8105.

Geekcorps Wants You!!
A different kind of startup called Geekcorps focuses on developing countries and organizations to assist them in using technology for general efficiency. Funded by USAID and private partner companies, Geekcorps sends geeks they train from their database of 1300 volunteers to developing countries who are struggling with software or hardware issues.
--For more information,

RPCV Homework: Support Tolerance!!

  • Donate tolerance-related materials to a school library.
  • Speak up when you hear slurs. Let people know that biased speech is always unacceptable.
  • Create a “diversity profile” of your friends, coworkers and acquaintances. Expand it each year.
  • Team up to start a “language bank” of volunteer interpreters for all languages spoken in your community.

--101 Tools for Tolerance, Southern Poverty Law Center

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever does."

--Margaret Mead

Peacebuilding Websites

  1. I-Spy Village
    I-Spy Village brings the world to parents and children in a great new resource to make international issues real for children; available through World Neighbors Global Education Progra. Take a tour of a World Village with this Global Ed Activity Sheet. Rosa from Ecuador is your guide as you search for items typically housed in the village. Kids like you(rs), around the world!
  2. Country profiles each nation and province in the world. Thousands of pages with information on world history, weather, governments, economies, people, currencies, etc. You can view maps, flags or listen to national anthems. You may want to add it to your list of internet resources.
    The site address is: or
    Our content is free and no subscription is required.
    --David Driggs,
  3. Presidential Prayer Team:
    Christians or universalists may be interested in the Presidential Prayer Team website, below, a “spiritual movement of the American people which is not affiliated with any political party or official...gains no direction or support... from the current administration... so that it may be free and unencumbered to equally serve the prayer needs of all current and future leaders....” Besides registering to pray for the President, or a member of the military, or others, there is opportunity for gratitude for various listed events (i.e., Elizabeth Smart’s rescue) and discussions of thoughtful subjects:
  4. Global Nomad Group (GNG)
    Highly recommended for teachers, parents, and globe trotters, GNG is an NPO dedicated to promoting global education of youth through videoconferencing and interactive broadcasting. It conducts collaborative learning projects encouraging cross-cultural dialogue and reflections on global issues. Recently GNG sponsored such a broadcast between American and Iraqui students discussing the possibility of war.

    Formed to provide a vehicle whereby more students could meet, communicate, and share their experience of the world, the founders believed that if students could discuss and explore firsthand the earth's people, cultures, and issues, a strong sense of global awareness and interconnectedness would naturally result. Included are links to many international sites of “Friends, Supporters and Partners.”

    Log on to and click on “update” for the latest newsletter and pictures of Baghdad; sign up to receive the newsletter via email.