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Rudy Home Making in Thailand
and Trip to Laos

September 25, 2007

Boon and I have added a kitchen – built by equipment and materials delivered via motor scooter.

We just completed our trip to Vientiane, Laos. The trip was at the invitation of the staff of the English international school of Vientiane. I presented lessons (see The program was enthusiastically received and accepted by the students 4-12 of the K-12. Our hosts, Kim and Phillip, graciously allowed us two extra days at their home so we could sightsee and enjoy the range of cuisine available there. Later, while walking through town on Saturday, Boon and I were spotted and warmly hailed by students.

We traveled each way via night train to Bangkok. This also allowed me to capture photos of young riders on motor scooters, food courts and “spirit houses” The latter are placed outside each structure – sized proportionally to the size of the building. So am sharing these too.

Oh – love to hear from you too – easier to get the main news out this way.


Online source : Rudy's home making and trip to Laos

Earlier photos 8/22: Rudy's travels with Boon - to her village ........(password peace)

(above) My kitchen arrives. My guy framed, roofed, installed electric outlet & plumbing


(above) The wood panels were from my shipping crate, stained with redwood deck stain

(above) One of our morning walk routes is along the canal and passes this view

(above) It takes 5 countries to have an area near Mexico - but population doubles Mexico

(above) Before distributing food to scale, populations are labeled

(above) Workshops turn global thinking into action for youth among their peers

(above) Staff made a day of it by discussion and follow-up art

(above) Closeup of just one pinwheel

(above) Students had their own idea for post lunch art-4-peace

(above) A "wall 4 Peace" made by students who had studied Berlin wall.

(above) More student enthusiasm depicted by face art

(above) Vientiane has its own Arch de triumph. Hosts Phillip and Kim guided Boon and me.

(above) Future monks also at the arch

(above) There were shopping options to pace the 7 story climb up the arch

(above) New temple building on the same property - this still being completed

(above, left) I found the umbrella an interestingly expedient shade in front of this monument
(above, right) This portion of the temple grounds just opened

(above) Wood carver at work

(above) Another example of carving in progress

(above, left) Thai believe that spirits are displaced by building, so supply a smaller home
(above, right) Big buildings in Bangkok require bigger spirit houses

(above) Another large spirit house

(above) This elaborate pair sits outside the exclusive Siam Plaza shops.

(above) Good shot but the boy then waved and I missed it.

(above) This shot shows some older tots just perch in front of an adult. Some get a seat

(above) Train window into morning sun, but I've long wanted to show how many kids ride to school

(above) I love food courts. Street priced food booths but cleaner. Part of large malls.

(above) Another view of this court in Nang Khai, Thailand

(above) We had a brunch at the Australian Embassy's clubhouse then returned to Thailand

(above) Fresh fruit in a Laotian market

(above) Laotian Tuk Tuks. style is different from Thai, loading from rear instead of side

(above) More exploring along the Mekong River. (Actually the word Mei means river.)

(above) Boon and I had a few hours on Saturday between tour and yum dining out party of 8

(above) This temple (wat) is center of Laotian religious activities and celebrations

(above) It sits on a large property with many beautiful areas