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San Diego Peace Corps Association Newsletter

November-December 2003 -- V olume 16, Number 6

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Quigley Reception: Together We Are More than our Sum Individually

RPCVs, together, are capable of more than their sum individually. This was a message delivered separately, but compatibly by both Kevin Quigley, newly elected president of the NPCA, and by Kaare Kjos (see picture below), SDPCA’s 1999 Shriver Award Nominee, at our reception for Kevin Quigley. The event was itself wonderfully hosted, being the inaugural use of the meeting room at the new Point Loma Library. Helen Neal, SDPCA member and library director, arranged the beautiful location.

What kinds of things happen when RPCVs work together? Kaare (at left) began his story with how his Peace Corps experience opened him to providing help to Tijuana’s outlying communities--assisting them in planning wells and potable water programs, AquaLink. About the same 1989 timeframe, the SDPCA hosted the first of four annual, binational symposiums called Formando Puentes.

These symposiums purposed to improve the quality of volunteer activity for all volunteer groups working both sides of the border. The synergy was high, and both volunteer programs and networking improved along the border. Several RPCVs have devoted years of service through AquaLink, but for Kaare, the networking of Formando Puentes continued.

At the reception, Kaare spoke of the San Diego--Tijuana Border Initiative, which is an evolutionary outgrowth of that networking. After years of providing advice, the core group realized that they might be more effective by taking on and leading an activity themselves. Listening to community concerns across the border region, the resulting focus of the San Diego--Tijuana Border Initiative became assisting local communities in fighting substance abuse. It is a behind-the-scenes group, helping local communities better train and focus their local volunteers.

For detailed information, visit

While Kaare was the focus of SDPCA membership’s involvement in our community, another RPCV initiative was included via the information table. The global education, One World, Our World School Program also has SDPCA roots. It was the SDPCA’s 1997 Shriver Award Nominee, and was nominated for the National Council of the Social Studies for its 2003 Award for Global Understanding (picture at right).

For more details, see

Together, the SDPCA founders of these groups more than demonstrated the quality of program that is possible when RPCVs find a way to continue volunteering together. Their examples highlight at the local level what the NPCA offers at the national level—making Kevin Quigley’s call to help rebuild the NPCA all the more relevant. It also recommends the desirability of you, our membership, looking to support the SDPCA as we reactivate our community action committee. What projects will we yet do, and how powerfully will we be able to support the SDPCA mission in the San Diego region?
--Rudy Sovinee, Ghana (1970-73)

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BRIDGE: Bringing It Back

The third goal of Peace Corps is often the most neglected of the all. We all know the difficulties of describing to our family and friends the countries we lived in. After a while it’s easy just to give up.

BRIDGE has an innovative approach to “bringing it back” that we want to share with other RPCVs who are making a continued effort at bringing home the rich cultures of the world. Our website brings alive the people we lived among through cultural Quicktime movies that play the music, folklore, proverbs, and libations of our host countries with highlighted English translations that allow you to listen and understand at the same time.

As Ghandi proclaimed: “Tell me about it, and I will forget, show me pictures, and I may remember, but take me there and it will be with me forever.”

We believe that through digital media, like our Quicktime movies, that we can virtually “take people there” and inspire them to really get involved. Therefore we also highlight the projects and grassroots organizations we work with so that as people become interested in the culture, they may also become interested in the projects. It is a way to bring people in, build interest, and get them involved—which is what we all hope to do.

Take a look at our website and send us any feedback on our approach. We would also like to include you in our newswire which will briefly describe a featured story on our website. We send newswires approximately once every three months. If you would not like to receive these newswires just let us know and we will take you off the list immediately.
Best Regards,

--Jonathan Richter, BRIDGE Director, RPCV Ghana 1997-00

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"Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." --Albert Schweitzer

From the President...

Spirit in Action

The holiday season is here already, with Halloween this month, then Thanksgiving, and finally Hannukah, Christmas, Quanza and New Year’s. It is a time of fun, family and giving. Giving for me is the spirit of Volunteerism in action. It is also the 3rd goal of the Peace Corps-- “Bringing the world back home”--in action.

The new NPCA President, Kevin Quigley, during his recent visit, reminded us again that when we gather together, we can make a bigger difference than we can individually. He wanted to hear what NPCA could do to help us. I encourage you to attend the National Conference in Chicago next summer and let your views be known.

But right now, I ask you all to thoughtfully consider gathering with your fellow SDPCA members to volunteer on some of our upcoming community projects. You can make a difference in people's lives here in San Diego County, and help us make the San Diego Peace Corps Association a group known for its generous and giving spirit.

Happy Holidays!

--Marjory Clyne, Western Samoa (1972-74), President SDPCA

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Board Minutes: for September 8 and October 4, 2003

Marjory Clyne, David Fogelson, Nikol Shaw, Ray Slanina, Cindy Ballard, Ted Finkel, Frank Yates, and Barbara Casillas attended both meetings. Rudy Sovinee attended in September and Brenda Terry Hahn and Don Beck attended in October.

Minutes were approved as amended.

President’s Report: Marjory would like to organize a large display or exhibit at one of the Balboa Park Museums for the 2004 Peace Corps Day. Marjory has a few contacts and will begin to investigate.

Financial Report: Frank reported balances and provided a detailed statement of income and expenses.

Membership: The SDPCA membership is at 152 current, 27 past due, totaling 179. NPCA membership is at 105 current, 19 past due, totaling 130.

Community Action: The committee will be creating a calendar of community action activities for an entire year and will challenge each SDPCA member to participate in at least one event. The committee will try to incorporate activities aligned with the different Peace Corps sectors (health, environment, education, etc.) and regions (Africa, Central America, Pacific, etc.).

Fundraising: Information about the upcoming Entertainment book and Calendar fundraisers is covered in the newsletter.

Global Awards: Ted has received two ISF Requests for Proposals but continues to have ongoing problems with lack of access to the Country Directors, which hinders SDPCA’s efforts to support Volunteer work.

Communications: Our next newsletter deadline is 12/10/03.
The Board needs to establish a policy on what should be included on the website. The Webmaster shall than use the policy as a filter for new postings. The Communications Committee will meet to discuss and establish guidelines to be approved by the Board.

Social: Past and current activities are covered in newsletter stories.
Speaker’s Bureau: Dave continues to receive and fill many requests for speakers.

Old Business: Ted recruited two members to give an informational talk about Peace Corps on one of the local Spanish-language radio stations, LA SUPERK 1040 AM. The talk aired 10/16/03.

New Business: None.

Next Meetings: 6:30 PM, 11/3/03, at the home of Dave Fogelson. The December meeting will take place 12/1/03.

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Board Members...

I entered the Peace Corps after graduating from the University of Missouri–Rolla in 1973 with a BS degree in Civil Engineering. I was assigned to the Forestry Department and worked as a Roads Engineer, building roads and buildings for a pulpwood plantation.
I was elected to the Board of Directors of National Council of RPCVs (now the NPCA) in 1983 and served two three-year terms to 1989. I have been active with SDPCA since the early days, helping to draft the bylaws and calling the first organizational meeting in June, 1988. I was also involved in the formation of the Friends of Ghana, drafting their bylaws, and he is currently serving as their President.

I served in Cameroon as a Math/Science volunteer in a small village in the south-western province called Nyassoso. I taught all levels of physics, started a science club, married another volunteer (later), and even managed to teach some computer classes to the locals and teachers at the local WWF office hosting two older computers and a generator. My biggest challenge proved to be teaching someone alien to technology how to use a mouse. I packed up a truck and moved to San Diego after Peace Corps because I heard the weather was nice. I currently work in Poway, CA, where I install/support/develop satellite antenna capture systems and the software to process the data. To my delight, I still get to travel the globe, experience new cultures, and get paid for it.

I was born and raised in San Diego and graduated from Mt. Carmel H.S. in 1993. I decided to see what life was like outside of San Diego and so attended Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, where I graduated with a degree in architecture in 1999. Venturing even further, I joined the Peace Corps and served as a Community Health/Water Sanitation volunteer in Mauritania, West Africa. I’m currently an Intern Architect with the Navy and get really excited whenever I meet someone who has heard of Mauritania.

Imagine someone who's always loved the ocean and its beaches growing up near Chicago in NW Indiana! While I still miss Chicago very much, I'm glad about my recent move to San Diego County. I studied at Indiana University–Bloomington, where I did volunteer work at a domestic violence shelter. Through IU I also studied abroad a summer in Florence, Italy and an academic year in Madrid, Spain. After my Peace Corps service I worked for Teach For America in an inner-city school in Houston. From there I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I worked for the University of New Mexico, as Associate Editor of the Colonial Latin American Historical Review. While there, I also volunteered as the Social Events Coordinator for the New Mexico Peace Corps Association. I now reside in La Mesa, where I've been keeping busy with my current job search. In my spare time I enjoy Yoga, Tai Chi Chi, Foreign films, Salsa/ Merengue/ Bachata dancing, and exploring San Diego County.

I grew up in El Cajon and Alpine, and then attended UCSD. I went to Botswana as a Business Advisor, and completed the SDSU MBA program when I returned to San Diego. I now live in Oceanside, and work with a Marine Engineering Consulting firm in Escondido. I love San Diego for all of its year-round outdoor activities: running, swimming, biking, hiking, sailing…I still love to travel, but this is certainly home.

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News Bytes

We Want your Peace Corps Recipes!

We need your recipes from around the world to put together a fund raising cookbook. If possible, include the traditional recipe and one made from ingredients found in the local supermarket. We want to make a book of all the recipes so that everyone can enjoy your favorite Peace Corps dishes!

Please submit to (or mail to P.O. Box 26565, San Diego, CA 92196-0565).

Coming Soon to your Neighborhood....

Want to have a neighborhood SDPCA event in your area to meet RPCVs from your neck of the woods? Say, a potluck picnic at your favorite park? A happy hour at your favorite watering hole? A group volunteer effort at your favorite charity? An ethnic restaurant event focusing on your country of service?

Well, you're in luck! You now have a LOCAL, neighborhood SDPCA leader who can organize these things for you! Check your local area below and get on the horn to your local Satellite Coordinator! They are now planning area events and welcome your ideas!

Be sure to send them your current email address so you can be listed in their local email system for exciting events and information!!

  • North County Coast Satellite Coordinator
    Annie Aguilar, Honduras (1995–97)
    (h) 760-436-6126
  • North County Inland Satellite Coordinator
    Steve Anderson, Kenya (1976–78)
    (h) 858-673-5408, (w) 858.524.0151
  • Central SD North (of I-8 exc. PB) Satellite Coordinator
    Vince Ceccacci, Colombia (1977–78)
    (h) 858-270-8233, (w) 619-388-3513
  • Central SD South (of I-8 incl. PB) Satellite Coordinator
    Ann Pohlers, Zambia (1997–99)
    (h) 619-723-4278, (w) 619-610-0718
  • East County Satellite Coordinator
    Dan Taylor, Belize (1986–88)
    (h/w) 619-280-0202
  • South Bay Satellite Coordinator:
    vacant, waiting for you!
  • Membership Coordinator
    Brenda Terry-Hahn, Nepal (1964–66)
    619-479-6620 (h)

We look forward to seeing you at our new neighborhood events!
---Brenda Terry-Hahn, Nepal (1064-66)

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"Thank You!" from Tonner Award Recipient Suzanne Mackzum

In the Fall 2002 Mark J Tonner Awards, Suzanne Mackzum, a Volunteer in Guatemala, received an award of $350 to construct a community-based library and buy some books for it. Below is a letter she sent thanking SDPCA for the funding with some pictures and text chronicling the project. Photos are from the xeroxed report she sent us. Thanks for showing us what you-all did. It looks marvellous!-ed

Dear Ted Finkel and the SDPCA,

On behalf of the community of Estero Lagarto, thank you so much for your generous contribution which allowed for the construction of a community library. The construction took place over a span of nine days during the month of May. Children helped carry materials from the boat to the construction site, and the adults did the construction work. For the first time in her life, Ingris, the volunteer librarian, made the boat trip to town by herself to meet with me and organize the books.

The original design of the library called for a raised 6’by 8’ building. In the end, we decided instead to construct a raised 3’ by 4’ building. This allowed for the purchase of higher quality materials that would better protect the books from humidity, rain and insects. Community members emphasized that the library would be better off with concrete posts than with wood, and we realized that sealable plastic creates would not only help protect the books, but also be an excellent way to keep them organized. Again, thank you very much for supporting this project.


Suzanne Mackzum

A Photo Chronicle of the Project:

Day 1 and Day 2 (above and right): The materials were transported to Estero Lagarto.

Day 3 (above): Ingris, Carlos, Raul, Arturo, Jaime
and Ivan prepared the iron frames for the concrete posts.

Day 4 (above): Raul and Oscar worked on the foundation, making beans that go on top of the posts.

Day 5 (above): Jaime and Carlos cut the wood and started hammering the floor.


Day 6 (above): Jaime, Raul, and Arturo finished hammering the frame and put up the walls, shelves and roof.

Day 7 (above):Jaime built the door and fit it into place.

Day 8 (no picture)
: Ingris and Ivan organized the books and stamped them with the community seal.

Day 9 (no picture)
: A cement step was built and the library was painted.

(Above): Some of the books bought with SDPCA monies.

(Left): Some community members checking out the library for the first time.

(Left) Suzanne with Ingris, the volunteer librarian.

On one occasion, Ingris borrowed a book about a grandfather who encourages his grandaughter to find a way to make the world a more beautiful place. She returned the book with a note that said, “Even though the world is already beautiful, I want to make it more beautiful by being a librarian and kindly helping the children and adults that wish to pass a happy moment discovering a book.”

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SDPCA at DelMar

On August 30th a group of the San Diego Area RPCV as well as a soon to be PCV, our families and friends gathered at the track for an afternoon of fun watching (and winning a little) at the Del Mar races.

Thank you to Barbara Casillas and Rudy Sovinee for organizing the event! Rudy’s contacts at the track were invaluable, and many of us were able to enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually be on the track at the start of a race thanks to Gary Brinson, track starter. SDPCA also benefited from having a race named for us, and being invited to the winner’s circle for a photo and the finish of “our” race. It was amazing standing in the gates as the horses bolted like lightning.

More amazing was the immediate ballet that followed between the track crew: moving the ambulances (for both jockeys and horses), the gate itself, all of the escort ponies and the handlers…not to mention the six or so RPCVs with dropped mouths, stunned at the power just witnessed. It just goes to show that great things can happen when we get together! We hope to see you at the next gathering.

--Cindy Ballard, Botswanna (1993-’95)
--Pictures from Rudy Sovinee

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Coming Soon

January SuperBowl Spectacular
Calling all NFL fans & Tail-Gaters!!! We've got a couple of Super Bowl Potlucks brewing for January (one in central San Diego, another in North County). Details to be announced, so keep an eye out for this E-vite, or check the SDPCA website, and social announcements in future issues of Pacific Waves.

February Film Festival
Been to the movies lately??? If the theatre prices have got you down, or if you just want to hang out and eat popcorn with some fellow RPCVs, join us for our 2nd Annual February Film Festival, hosted by Gail Souare. She's hard at work on all the details, so be sure to check the usual sources.

Details and information on these and any SDPCA social events are available in your E-vite mailings, or you can also check the SDPCA online Events Calendar. For anyone without internet access, please phone in your information requests and RSVPs by calling our Social Chairperson, Barbara Casillas, at (619) 589-0543.

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"The world cannot continue to wage war like physical giants and seek peace like intellectual pygmies." --Dante

Host Families for International Students

Tiffany Adams, Regional Director for ASA International is seeking host families. ASA International is a non-profit organization that welcomes international teens from over 50 different countries for an academic semester or full year of education in local high schools.
ASA International wants SDPCA members to be aware of the rewarding opportunities that are available to continue to promote world peace and understanding by hosting an international student.

They are accepting applicants now for the 04/05 school year. They are also looking for local liaisons' within each community to supervise and locate quality host families within their areas. Contact:

Tiffany Adams,
Outreach Program Manager, ASA International,
3433 So. 1000 E Akron, IN 46910,
Toll Free---1-877-283-5470 Fax: 574-893-7387

Open your door to the world by hosting an International student.

Friends of Jamaica

Don Arneson, President of Friends of Jamaica (FOJ)would like to invite all SDPCA members to join them, as they have joined with their country of service to support development and self-help projects that offer a benefit to Jamaican people. Members of FOJ are primarily, but not exclusively, former and current US Peace Corps Volunteers; however, membership is open to anyone interested in promoting friendship and understanding of Jamaica.

For more information visit their website at, e-mail at, or write Friends of Jamaica, c/o Don Arneson, President, 6805 Boudin St. NE, Prior Lake, MN 55372.

International Education Week

November 17–21, 2003, marks the annual observance of International Education Week, a joint initiative of the U.S. Departments of State and Education. The goal of IEW is to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

This is a great opportunity for you, as a group or individually, to share your Peace Corps experience with students, teachers, and community groups. Contact a local school to see if you could be a guest speaker in a classroom or at an assembly. Display some of your artifacts in a Peace Corps exhibit at your public library. Find out whether your local university or community college is observing International Education Week, and see how you could get involved.

There are many opportunities!

For more information, visit Be sure to register your International Education Week activities on the website.

And let us know about them too! Contact Erin Bair, Global TeachNet Coordinator, with your activities, ideas, or questions: 202-293-7728, ext. 11, or mail to:

For Members Who Enjoy Photography

Dang Nguyen, a RPCV Philippines (1998–2000), has setup a webpage exclusively to display photographs by current and former Peace Corps volunteers.

As Dang says, “I strongly believe that PCVs and RPCVs often have the best eyes capturing some great travel photographs. My intention is to develop central collection of travel images by RPCVs. The pictures posted retain the full copyright of the photographer. There is also an e-commerce side of the webpage, where I try to sell my photographs, but this is completely separate from the User Gallery. It is a professional web page with full e-commerce capabilities, a searchable database, and offers downloadable files and archival quality prints. It is still in development but is currently fully functional.

"Let me know if you would be interested in posting some of your images either for exhibition ONLY or if you would like to make arrangements for selling some prints.”

For more information visit the page at under User Gallery or or contact Dang Nguyen at

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Recruiting Corner

Happy Kwannakuhmas!

It's been a crazy busy recruiting season, lots of applicants, and thank you to all who have helped out and offered to help. Response has been great, together we've filled over 20 Sept / Oct requests for RPCV speakers (not including my recruitment shannanagins) from Kiwanis club meetings to high school classes

I also want to congratulate Angela Hogg as the new UCSD Peace Corps campus representative! She's an RPCV from Bolivia and is currently attending UCSD's International Relations and Pacific Studies Program. She can be reached at or 858-822-5725.

We've got a little more mellow holiday season coming up. You might notice that the library community meetings for November and December (normally the 4th Tues of the month) have been cancelled because they're so close to the holidays.

Please let folks that may want to know more about Peace Corps about these events. Here's what's on tap near you:

SDSU Career Services Drop-in Office Hours:
Mondays and Thursdays, 2-4pm

SDSU General Informational Session (3rd Thurs Monthly)
November 20th, December TBA 4-5pm
SDSU Career Services

Point Loma Nazarene University Information Session
November 5th, 3-4pm
Cunningham Dining Room at the Nicholson Commons
3900 Lomaland Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

USD General Informational Session
(date?), 12:30-2pm
Maher Hall 205

And that's a wrap!

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns, heckling, or good jokes.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow,
learn as if you were to live forever." --Gandhi

Vaya Con Paz,
--David Fogelson, El Salvador Agroforesty (1998–2000)
Peace Corps Los Angeles--San Diego Regional Recruiter

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Welcome to New Members

We of SDPCA extend a warm welcome to our newest members. We’ve seen some of you at our events already and we want all of you to get involved in our activities. Let us hear from you!! You can reach us by the contact information listed in Contact SDPCA. Old members, use this section as your SDPCA Membership Directory update.

New members are listed by name, country and years of service, area of residence.

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Newsletter Credits

Pacific Waves is published six times a year by the San Diego Peace Corps Association which is fully responsible for its content. Except for copyrighted material, articles may be reprinted without permission with credit to the SDPCA.

Contributions are encouraged: e-mailed text file on disk- Mac preferred, or typed copy.

Please send to Editor, SDPCA, P.O. Box 26565, San Diego, CA 92196 or e-mail:

Cindy Ballard [interim]

Layout / Production
Don Beck, Jeff Cleveland

Contributors this issue are:
Shellie Norris, Suzanne Mackzum, Ted Finkel, David Fogelson, Barbara Casillas, Marjory Clyne, Brenda Terry-Hahn, Jonathon Richter, Frank Yates, Rudy Sovinee, Ray Slanina, Nikol Shaw, Cindy Ballard

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