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San Diego Peace Corps Association Newsletter

May -- June 2004 -- Volume 17, Number 3

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Announcement Global Awards

The first Global Awareness Award will be presented at our annual meeting. The recipient, Victor Villaseñor, has honored himself and our community by years of work, dedicated to bringing people together across cultures and national boundaries. With firsthand knowledge of the effects of discrimination and racial separation in society, Villaseñor’s motto has become “We are all one race, the human race.” Believing this creed to be essential to world peace, his writings and speeches resonate with it. In 1992 Villaseñor manifested his vision for world peace by creating Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving.

The purpose of the annual Snow Goose Global Thanksgiving, a non-profit organization founded in 1992 is to establish a one-day a year event where we the people come together to celebrate and practice the reality of World Peace and Harmony. It’s “a picnic your way to peace” feast. It’s a day of multi-cultural entertainment, music, storytelling and relaxation including arts and crafts activities for the entire family. It’s a day without politics, religion, racial, or economic differences. The SDPCA has supported and participated in this even for many years.

Be at our annual meeting for the presentation of this first annual Global Awareness Award.

Background: Global Awareness Award
The SDPCA has raised about $3000 each year to carry out our goals. The Board has chosen to allocate these funds as follows:

First priority is given to funding Proposals through the Mark J. Tonner International Support Fund (ISF). We can often make a greater difference with small amounts and assist volunteer(s) in the field. Projects of $300-$500 have upgraded village clinics, infrastructure and provided the seed money for new businesses.

Second priority is given to funding Project Grants or Awards to other 501c3 organizations in the San Diego area for proposals that best satisfy our organization’s goals.

At this time we are pleased to open nominations that you deem worthy or at which you have volunteered. Please submit an application. You may go online and print out an application form (easiest) [ ] The deadline is September 30, 2004. Turn in applications to: SDPCA C/O GLOBAL AWARDS, P.O. BOX 26565, SAN DIEGO, CA, 92196

RPCVs may nominate a San Diego area organization for: (a) project mini grant ($200–$400) or (b) to be honored for the SDPCA Annual Global Awareness Award. Mini Grant Funds will be distributed at a special event in early December 2004.

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Mark J. Tonner International Support Fund

Grant Proposals: 13 Awards

This spring’s cycle of Grant Proposals for the Mark J. Tonner International Support Fund set a number of records. The SDPCA received 13 requests, and they showed a wide range of needs, scattered around the globe. While we’ve had years with more qualified requests than we could support, and several years when we lacked sufficient qualified requests, this spring we received proposals for $5,318, and had the reserves to fund them all. This set a new record for the SDPCA (and means we’ll need to again do well with our calendar and Entertainment book sales in the coming year.) Credit goes to the PCVs. They each had strong ties to San Diego, wrote compelling proposals, with community involvement, and their country director signed off each project. Here is a summary of the projects. I look forward to hearing from the recipients as they complete their projects.

  1. Building a Network of Garbage Receptacles
    Andrea Austin—Costa Rica, $650

    Her community fight disease through a network of garbage receptacles. The community leaders are doing the public relations, and have the labor force, but lacked the capital.
  2. Setting up Food Dehydrator Program
    Sonia Bourchard—Dominica, $660

    Sonia has helped to creatively solve a problem. The pre-school principal and parents seek to provide fresh and nutritional snacks for the children. There is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available in the village, but only seasonally, often left to waste on the trees. This community development project is to dry fruits at a commercial volume. The dehydrator manufacturer is donating key equipment. It starts a new business, avoids foreign exchange for dried fruits for the holidays, and helps generate healthier snacks.
  3. Books for a Childrens’ Library
    Laura Sunquist—Dominican Republic, $200

    Laura requested funding for books for a children’s library–books for teachers to read to younger children. Laura’s dad owns one of our supporting Postal Annex stores, in Escondido.
  4. Rest Stop Renewal: Improving Ecotourism
    Brandon Cohen—Ecuador, $365

    Brandon is helping his village develop ecotourism by upgrading a grungy rest stop to suitable standards, equipped with the necessities. With proper accommodations, more ecotourists will come to Cristóbal Colón and provide income to the local stores, hotel, and eatery.
  5. Public Health System & Disease Prevention
    Kirsten Green—Ghana, $500

    Kirsten has applied through Peace Corps Partners for $5000 towards both a public latrine and a health clinic water tank project. She asked if we would help with $500, allowing the SDPCA to stay within our guidelines, while assisting her community in disease prevention.
  6. Production of Locally-Written Books
    Joshua Russell—Lesotho, $300

    Joshua is an ESL teacher who has sought a way to engender an early desire to read. Within his regional school network, many teachers have written local stories and poems that can be read to young students. The funding will provide each school with a complete set of photocopies.
  7. Honey Production and Protecting Bee Keeping
    Natalie Ceperley—Mauritania, $260

    Natalie is introducing her village to honey production. Funding provides the basic molds, and protection for bee keeping. The project has the potential to provide financial motivation for stopping charcoal production in the forest and transfers skills being used in neighboring Senegal.
  8. Educational Programs
    Sarah Vingo—Togo, $362

    Sarah sought funds to organize a festival, including a women’s soccer tournament in the village of Zobegone, focusing on the rights of women, the importance of girls education, family planning, and AIDS.
  9. Materials and Equipment: Health, Food, Educational
    Jonathan Mitchell—Swaziland: $275

    Jonathan is working in a community struggling from AIDS, and the orphans of AIDS. UNICEF initiated a Neighborhood Care Point (NCP) and then offers only a corn-soya blend for food and a large pot for cooking. SDPCA funding purchases needed educational material, recreational equipment, bowls for food and building material for the construction of a pit latrine.
  10. Fencing to Protect Food Gardens
    Ryan Crew—Swaziland: $420

    Ryan is working on another NCP, the Zombodze Youth Organization. This one needing a community garden fence to protect the NCP’s garden from grazing animals. It allows the NCP members to protect their crops and encourage them to harvest more crops, a majority of which is used to feed the orphans of AIDS. Success will help establish their AIDS recovery organization as a community support tool and change agent.
  11. Developing Childrens’ Reading Areas
    Laura Marzahl—Bulgaria: $501

    Laura is developing the children’s department of the regional library as a comfortable place for children’s activities while creating a library program for the children living in local orphanages.
  12. New Computer System
    Erik Fritz—Kyrgyz Republic: $525

    Erik is an ESL Teacher at the High School. Funds will allow his school and community’s school to buy a new computer system. It will provide a 50% increase in Internet capacity for the school and its farming community. Although the community is poor by local standards, Erik has arranged for software and ISP connection.
  13. Additional English Materials
    Hyun Ah Lee—Mongolia: $300

    Hyun is an ESL teacher who seeks help with an English Reading Room. It will benefit both the students, and many of the adults of her community.
    –Rudy Sovinee, Ghana (1970-73) Acting Global Awards Chair

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See Photos
(photos by Rudy Sovinee)

International Festival at Horton Square Feb 28th & 29th

by Marjory Clyne

The Los Angeles Peace Corps office and the San Diego Peace Corps Association teamed up to put on one of the best events I’ve ever attended.

There were tables filled with our members’ artifacts from all corners of the world. Snake skins, drums, mean machetes, lovely paintings and jewelry. We let it all hang out.

The LA office brought out some fabulous, all local, entertainment. The Lucky Lion Dancers, Belly Dancing by Sohaila (the men’s favorite by far), Ballet Folklorico de Centro Comunitario de Sherman Heights, Mariachi Sherman, Omo Ache Afro-Cuban Dance Co and PASACAT.
Saturday morning Rudy Sovinee was interviewed for the early morning news show and on Sunday the cameras came out to record our event and it was shown on the 6pm news.

I want to thank all our members who gave of their time and their precious belongings to celebrate the 43rd anniversary of Peace Corps.

Thank you to Rudy Sovinee, Jerry Selness, Jaimie Mossey, Elizabeth Brown, Frank Yates, Joanne Bailey, Terri Bergman, Dave Fogelson, Brenda Hahn, Joy Andrews, Brian McCarthy, Jeff Shorn, Urska Manners, Jim Schultz, Barbara Rhys, Mimi Ewens, Michael Hisch, Ellen Shively, Becky Carter, Gordon Gidland, Tracey Gleason, Mary Jane Bresnahan, Christine Wines, and I probably forgot someone, but THANK YOU!

What a great time we had and I think the public enjoyed it too!

See Photos (photos by Rudy Sovinee)

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What Events Do You Want?

Over the last year the board of the SDPCA and many selfless members have created numerous opportunities for us to get together and get to know each other, usually while enjoying great food and cultural experiences.

At the annual meeting May 23rd, we will be electing a new board and asking for volunteers on our various committees. We would love for you to tell us what activities you’d like to see in the coming year. The list below shows the variety that we’ve offered this past year, and it reflects the interests of our diverse group. What are your interests? Bring your list of ideas to the May meeting, and let’s make them happen!

Events from June 2003-May 2004:

  • June 1, Sunday—Rock and Roll Marathon Water Station
  • July 21, Monday—SDPCA Salvadoran Dinner at El Salvador Pupusería y Restaurante, City Heights, San Diego
  • August 1-3 Friday-Sunday—NPCA Annual General Meeting in Portland, OR
  • August 30, Saturday—A Day at the Del Mar Races
  • September 16, Tuesday—Mexican Independence Day Social Hour at Tio Leo’s
  • September 28, Sunday—Reception for NPCA president, Kevin Quigley

  • October18, Saturday—Fall Family Picnic
  • November 15, Saturday—Day Trip to Tijuana, 10am to 5pm Visit Cultural Center and Dine at La Fonda De Roberto’s
  • November 20, Sunday—Global Thanksgiving for Peace, Annual Thanksgiving Event at Home of Victor Villaseñor, Oceanside

  • December 7, Sunday—Annual Holiday Party, Potlluck & Food-Toy-Fundraiser Drive
  • January 17, Saturday—Sandbagging in Harbison Canyon
  • January 22, Thursday—Happy Hour at Tio Leo’s
  • February 1, Sunday—Superbowl Party V
  • February 13, Friday—International Film Festival, Home of Gail Souare, San Diego
  • February 28-29, Saturday-Sunday—Peace Corps Week Celebration
  • March 25, Thursday—Cultural Night: Rhythms of Brazil. SD Museum of Man
  • April 17, Saturday—Soup Kitchen Volunteer Work
  • April 25, Sunday—Earth Day Fair in Balboa Park
  • April 29, Thursday—SDPCA Dining Out at A Taste of Thai in Del Mar
  • May 23, Sunday—Annual Meeting & Great Food

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SDPCA Community Action Events

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April Event: Crew St Vincent de Paul’s Kitchen
The Community Action event for April filled the hearts of the SDPCA Participants, by helping to fill the stomachs of the homeless. Xandra Garanzuay coordinated the SDPCA team at St. Vincent de Paul’s kitchen on Saturday April 17th.

We worked with Volunteer San Diego ( to schedule time, and this has been a help and a limitation. We were not able to accept as many volunteers as had offered to participate. For May and June, we will do better!

News of the next two items were announced earlier for those members whose email addresses are current with the SDPCA. If you haven’t seen these, please help us keep you informed by Evite. Send your email address by email to to be included in our Evite list.


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May Event: Welcoming Somali Bantu Family to SD
For May our activity is sponsoring the welcoming of a Somali Bantu Refugee family to San Diego. We are working with The International Rescue Committee (IRC) office in San Diego.

The Somali Bantu are a unique refugee group that has been living in refugee camps in Kenya for the last 10 years and are now being resettled in the United States. The Bantu originally came to Somalia from central Africa as slaves more than 200 hundred years ago. After they were freed from slavery, they remained in Somalia and settled along the Juba River in southern Somalia. When the civil war broke out in 1991, they fled to Kenya and lived in the Dadaab Refugee Camp. The United States State Department, in consultation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has agreed to resettle 12,000 Somali Bantu in the U.S. beginning in the summer of 2003.

The IRC office in San Diego plans to assist 120 Somali Bantu in this fiscal year. The Somali Bantu arrivals will be Muslim, have large families, and little formal education. They are known to be highly motivated and hard working. IRC will assist them to learn English and find their first job. The women with small children will enroll in IRC’s Mother Pre School program.

Their need for support is great. In March, a 7-member family arrived carrying with them only two small bags. They have so little and it is so overwhelming to start over in this country. They are in need of the very basics of household and personal items. This is where the SDPCA can help. Working with Sharon Kennedy Darrough of the International Rescue Committee (and past SDPCA board member,) the SDPCA is adopting one Somali Bantu family to provide the household items that they need to start their lives over. The list below itemizes required items that must be in each apartment when the family arrives (State Department Rules.) It is also posted on our website at Everyone can pitch in to make sure we have every item on the list. If some items are missing, IRC will make sure to have them. The items can be used or new.

Sharon will be the coordinator of the project. People can e-mail her ( to pledge to donate certain items and then make the arrangements for everything to come to the IRC office. IRC usually has 2 weeks notice that a family is arriving. We need you to pledge items and start collecting them and then when we have the arrival notice for the family, we can send an Evite to tell everyone of the deadline and exact ages of the children, etc. With luck, this will coincide with our May meeting, but not necessarily.

Click here to see a list of items needed for the family.


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June Event: Suzuki Rock’n’Roll Marathon
Elite Racing and the Suzuki Rock’n’Roll Marathon® welcomes the San Diego Peace Corps Association to make the June 6, 2004, marathon the best ever and help raise millions for leukemia research!

The Suzuki Rock’n’Roll Marathon offers the fun of over 40 rock bands and 40 high school cheer squads along the course; a chance to watch and encourage all the athletes and participants (world competitors, fast amateur athletes, disabled athletes, running Elvis and Dolly impersonators, first-time marathoners); and a great headliner concert to which all our volunteers are invited free of charge.

Team captain begins approx. 4:30 a.m. (Xandra’s needs another volunteer to co-captain) Volunteers arrive at 5:00–6:00 a.m. (end: approx. 1:15 p.m.) We will be serving water and giving encouragements.

Our location is Morena Boulevard (just east of Hwy 5)—Water Station 15

For participating in this event as a volunteers you will receive:

  • a special marathon T-shirt
  • a Rock’n’Roll concert ticket
  • a race goodie bag
  • fun and satisfaction

As well, significant cash $$ prizes for best decorated/most enthusiastic water stations are awarded.

A fully staffed water station requires 100 volunteers; Our group will be placed with other compatible groups. We need a group of 20-30 people, so step right up!

Good news is that we can sign up on the marathon website. From the homepage main menu, select “Volunteer” and then click the “Race Volunteer” button. Select “Water Station Program Information” and select the group name “SD Peace Corps Assn” from the drop-down list.

An evite will be sent to confirm your participation and include additional information.

Please note that families and teens are welcome; however, for safety reasons, children cannot volunteer at the water station.

Xandra Garanzuay has offered to be our team captain and can be contacted if you have any questions at or 858 663-7215. (If you don’t have internet access, Xandra can fax you a hardcopy of the form.)

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When women have a voice in national and international affairs, wars will cease forever. --Augusta Stowe-Gullen

From the President...

Rewarding & Busy

This has been a rewarding and busy year for our group. That is good!
As I am writing this letter we are organizing our participation at the EarthDay Fair in Balboa Park on April 25th. So many of our members have offered to man our table and talk the talk to San Diegans. We did the same at the Peace Corps Festival, Feb 28th and 29th, celebrating the 43rd anniversary of Peace Corps.

We have helped fill sand bags in Harbison Canyon, served food to the homeless downtown, awarded over $5000.00 to current Peace Corps volunteers for needy projects in country, and donated household items for a newly arrived Somali refugee family resettling in San Diego. We also enjoyed some good times at happy hours at Tio Leo’s, SuperBowl parties, special culinary excursions and cultural adventures in Tijuana. Our “New Year” begins with the election of a new board of directors on May 23rd. They will continue to challenge us to make a difference in this community, as we also continue to have fun together.

I am very proud to be a part of this organization. Thanks for a great year.

—Marjory Clyne, Western Samoa (1972–74) President SDPCA

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Board Minutes: for March 1 and April 5, 2004

Marjory Clyne, Rudy Sovinee, and Frank Yates attended both meetings. Cindy Ballard, Ted Finkel, and Nikol Shaw attended in March. David Fogelson, Ray Slanina and Kristen Slanina attended in April.

Minutes: Minutes were approved as amended.

President’s Report: The Peace Corps Day 2004 Festival was a huge success, with wonderful entertainment and excellent organization on the part of PC LA. The festival gave Peace Corps and SDPCA some good marketing with spots on the Saturday morning news and the six o’clock Sunday evening news. Marjory collected the names and contact information of 30 RPCVs, not currently SDPCA members, who were in attendance and forwarded their information to Brenda for the Membership Committee. PC LA also informed us that according to their database, there are currently 1421 RPCVs living in San Diego County and 114 PCVs with San Diego listed as their Home of Record.

Susan Kennedy, mother of PCV Jennifer (Romania), was successful in having Mayor Murphy proclaim March 1-7 as Peace Corps Week in San Diego.

The NPCA Board is recommending the bylaws be revised to have a smaller Board. The intention of this initiative is to accomplish actions more efficiently and improve relations between NPCA and affiliate groups.

PC LA will be paying the $125 booth registration fee for the Sunday, April 25th Earth Day Fair in Balboa Park. Marjory will continue to coordinate.

Alliant International University is having an International Friendship Festival on April 23rd and has asked SDPCA to participate and host a booth/table. Action forwarded to Dave as Speaker’s Bureau/Recruiting possibility.

A motion was made to establish a $300.00 stipend, each year, towards conference expenses for an SDPCA delegate to attend either the NPCA National Conference or the President’s Forum. The motion carried.

The NPCA SW regional Board representative nomination is open. Marjory also declared that she will be attending, and hopes others will do so.

Financial Report: Frank reported balances and provided a detailed statement of income and expenses.

Membership: The SDPCA membership is at 118 current, 53 past due, totaling 171. NPCA membership is at 84 current, 31 past due, totaling 115. 30 of our members are currently free.

Community Action: March event never happened due to problems in coordinating with Volunteer San Diego. For April, we had more volunteers than we could accept because of constraints with Volunteer SD. For May, we will work with the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Its Program Manager is past SDPCA leader Sharon Kennedy Darrough. The project is to gather all of the specific supplies needed by an arriving Bantu family. The list is posted on our website. For June, Xandra will help us again staff a water table for the Rock-n-Roll Marathon.

Fundraising: We will be closing out the Entertainment Program tonight. Final bookkeeping is complete and the balance for books sold on consignment will be paid. This was a good year, and greatly helped our ISF program to be funded.

Global Awards: Unlike past years where many projects were not fully qualified, or proposals were poorly written, we have 13 excellent proposals, each qualified. The board asked the CFO if our restricted (ie ISF dedicated) funds were sufficient to fund all of the proposals, while leaving reserves to buy calendars for the next round of fundraising. Given that we could, the board approved the ISF committee’s recommendation to fund each request in full. This totaled $5,318 plus the costs of wire transfers and postage.

Communications: Three issues of the past year’s newsletters were selected for the submission to the NPCA. A postcard reminder will be sent out for the May Annual Meeting since the date changed from May 9th (Mother’s Day) to May 23rd. The next newsletter deadline is 6/10/04.

Social: Past and current activities are covered in newsletter stories.
Speaker’s Bureau: Dave was accepted for graduate school at Harvard in Boston next fall. He had no report for the board, other than he won’t be available to be on the board again.

Old Business: None.

New Business: None.

Next Meetings: The May meeting will take place 6:30 PM, 5/3/04, at the home of Dave Fogelson in Pacific Beach

--Nikol Shaw, Secretary, Mauritania (1999-01)

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This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falshood with truth, and hatred with love. --Peace Pilgrim


Peace Corps 2004: Celebrating a Legacy of Service, 25th Anniversary National Conference August 5–8, 2004
" Chicago! Chicago!"…you know that song.

Well now it is the location for our next conference. Don’t miss it. Here are some of the highlights. Mayor Richard M. Daley is the honorary conference chair. Speakers include Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle and Ohio Governor Bob Taft (RPCVs), MSNBC Hardball Anchor Chris Mathews, Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary, Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasques, and Afghanistan Vice President Hedayat Amin-Arsala.

You can enjoy great blues, impressive museums and the best pizza in the country. For registration and conference updates visit TODAY!

–Marjory Clyne, Western Samoa (1972-72)

San Diego BRIGHT Families Project
We are always in need of volunteer mentors for our program. Being a mentor involves meeting with a teen for 5 hours a month for 6 months, being a positive role model and friend, and covering a reproductive health curriculum with the teen. More information about the program and upcoming fundraisers can be found on our web site: or by contacting BRIGHT Families at 858-514-7549.
–Valerie Orrison, Paraguay 2001-2003

Peace Corps Budget Update
Congress has passed a budget for Fiscal Year 2004, which runs until September 30th, 2004. Peace Corps was given $308 million, plus an additional $15 million for HIV/AIDS funding. President Bush had originally requested $359 million for Peace Corps during the current fiscal year.

Congress is in the process of reviewing President Bush’s budget request for Fiscal Year 2005, which will begin October 1, 2004. The President has requested $401 million for the Peace Corps. Peace Corps funding is part of a $35.1 billion dollar foreign affairs budget submitted by the President.

The full Senate has approved a budget resolution which slightly increases the foreign affairs request (increased to $35.4 billion). The next stop is the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is charged with assigning specific dollar figures to specific line items.

Despite good news from the Senate so far, full funding of the President’s Peace Corps request remains very far from certain. Follow this website link and tell members of the Senate Appropriations Committee to support full funding for the Peace Corps. Go to today.

Seeking a Career in Global Health?
The Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Faculty of Health Sciences M.D. Program in International Health and Medicine in collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center (BGU-CU M.D.) may interest you.

Their four-year, American-style M.D. program is taught in English at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Medical School in Beer Sheva, Israel for the first three years. During the fourth year, students complete a two-month clerkship in Nepal, Ethiopia, India, or Kenya.

Fourth–year students in the program may also take clinical electives at Columbia University Medical Center and its affiliated hospitals.
For more information contact their admissions office at 212-305-9587 or by e-mail to Visit their website at

May 6th & June 10th--
North County Coastal and Inland Residents...

...and anyone wanting to commute north on a weeknight, by choice?...! We (Annie and Cindy) have decided to hold happy hours at The Mocha Marketplace located in the Old California Restaurant Row (just west of the San Marcos Brewery). 1080 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, CA 760-744-2112

These are scheduled for 6 pm on Thursday evenings, so if you are interested in going to their Farmer’s Market—Every Thursday from 3-6 pm in back behind IHOP come early...(beat the traffic!!)

We hope that we can gage from these meetings your interests for future get-togethers for those of us disposed to the North. Damn Yankees!

Restaurant Row features restaurants with various cuisines (Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Fish House Vera Cruz, American, etc.) in an old California setting for those of us wanting to extend the evening.

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Welcome to New Members

We of SDPCA extend a warm welcome to our newest members. We’ve seen some of you at our events already and we want all of you to get involved in our activities. Let us hear from you!! You can reach us by the contact information listed in Contact SDPCA. Old members, use this section as your SDPCA Membership Directory update.

New members are listed by name, country and years of service, area of residence.

• Coleen Garrett, Cape Verde (2001-03), Burbank, CA (818) 400-2689

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Recruiting Corner

Career Services (Student Services East #1200)
Office Hours are Mondays and Thursdays—2-4pm: Try to make an appointment first as times fill up!

Info Meetings:
• May 20th, 4pm–5pm
•June 17th, 4pm–5pm

Representative: Angela Hogg——858-822-5725
Office hours are Mondays 12–4pm and Tues/Thurs 3-4pm

Information Meeting:
• May 10, 3–5pm International Center Lounge, UCSD

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”—T.S. Elliot

--David Fogelson, El Salvador Agroforestry (1998-2000), Peace Corps Los Angeles, San Diego Regional Recruiter, 619-594-2188

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