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NPCA - National Peace Corps Association
  • National Peace Corps Association
    NPCA's online website: a place for people who value the Peace Corps to reconnect and work together toward a more peaceful and prosperous world--new logo (at right) too! P
    articiapte in a wide variety of activities and social interactions. People, activities, pictures, blog, news, groups, videos, links.
    JOIN IN!
    • Check site index at bottom (sometimes way down) of NPCA page --a quick way to navigate the site
    • As an member -- sign on at main page -- connect and help plan all that NPCA does
    • As part of SDPCA Group on NPCA Community (below)
      Once you are a member, go to the SDPCA Group and
      at +Join to join the group.

  • NPCA Community: (also called Connected PC)
    A new "look" for NPCA Community of: people who value the Peace Corps to reconnect and work together toward a more peaceful and prosperous world.
    Join in here or just browse with: RPCVs, PCVs and friends of the PC idea. Join online groups; look for others in your area, or other areas.
  • Peace Corps Polyglot: News Archives
    NPCA's blog; news for and about PC Communit
  • NPCA Global Educaton (used to be Global TeachNet)
    Bringing the World home to the US Classroom: curriculum and reference materials about world cultures for the classroom.
    Global Ed Gateway: Links to websites with information and resources on specific global issues
    Classroom Materials: ways to connect a classroom to global community
    Millenium Development Goals: List from National Council for Social Studies - Millenium Goals (11/15/09)
    Student Opportunities: Opportunities for students outside the classroom
    Teacher Professional Develoment: Resources for continuing education, networking and professional development
    Newsletter: This education newsletter is a quarterly teacher resource from the global education networks of NPCA and ASCD

  • NPCA Advocacy Network
    The advocacy network page of the NPCA
  • Newsletters..To submit news to NPCA:
    Access earlier newsletters as well. as Subscribe here.
    • NPCA E-Newsletter monthly
      News of NPCA activities.
    • Global Ed Newsletter quarterly.
      News of global issues for classroom and community use.
    • NPCA Advocacy News periodic emails
      Action alerts and news on legislation affecting PC community

Other NPCA Connections

  • MorePeaceCorps
    Organizes and supports expansion of the Peace Corps, to double its current size. Includes re-evaluating its definition and structure.
    Join the forums and join in the discussions!

  • WorldViewMagazine
    Quarterly articles of interest to RPCVs about US and World-wide activities. Online version; printed version available to NPCA members / subscribers.
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Peace Corps Wiki
Like an encyclopedia, you can simply search an entry, read it and edit it., You can add a new entry if you wish. At PC Wiki you can take part in adding to recording the history of Peace Crops: country information, programs, groups, whatever ou feel relevant to complete the story of our experiences.

Social Entrepreneurship
The work of a social entrtreneur–someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles such as resourcefulness and collaboration to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.

...Podcasts | | .Social Edge

  • Social Edge (A Program of the Skoll Foundation) is an online community for philanthropists, nonprofit professionals, and the business community to network, learns, debate, inspire, and share expertise and resources.
  • Global X-Interviews
    Descriptions and connections to 40+ video podcasts with leading social entrepreneurs as they tell Global X stories that had a significant impact on their lives. They also describe how they see the world in 2017. Added to weekly. 3 to 7 min video. RSS subscription feed.
    .....Video: online or on iTunes (free video podcast–Non-profit-Social Edge)

Charity Watch - "Helping you to give wisely to charity"
The American Institute of Philanthropy
(AIP) is a nationally prominent charity watchdog service whose purpose is to help donors make informed giving decisions. Information on some 500+ charities, topics, how to give wisely and more.

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