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NPCA - National Peace Corps Association
  • National Peace Corps Association
    NPCA's online website: a place for people who value the Peace Corps to reconnect and work together toward a more peaceful and prosperous world--new logo (at right) too! P
    articiapte in a wide variety of activities and social interactions. People, activities, pictures, blog, news, groups, videos, links.
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  • NPCA Community: (also called Connected PC)
    A new "look" for NPCA Community of: people who value the Peace Corps to reconnect and work together toward a more peaceful and prosperous world.
    Join in here or just browse with: RPCVs, PCVs and friends of the PC idea. Join online groups; look for others in your area, or other areas.
  • Peace Corps Polyglot: News Archives
    NPCA's blog; news for and about PC Communit
  • NPCA Global Educaton (used to be Global TeachNet)
    Bringing the World home to the US Classroom: curriculum and reference materials about world cultures for the classroom.
    Global Ed Gateway: Links to websites with information and resources on specific global issues
    Classroom Materials: ways to connect a classroom to global community
    Millenium Development Goals: List from National Council for Social Studies - Millenium Goals (11/15/09)
    Student Opportunities: Opportunities for students outside the classroom
    Teacher Professional Develoment: Resources for continuing education, networking and professional development
    Newsletter: This education newsletter is a quarterly teacher resource from the global education networks of NPCA and ASCD

  • NPCA Advocacy Network Advocacy network page

    • SDPCA Advocacy Action Planning:
      • July 16, 2014
      • San Diego has five representatives in Congress. As the NPCA Advocate here in San Diego I am planning to make an appointment to meet with each of our representatives in late August/early September. The goal will be to urge all of them to support strong funding for Peace Corps, but more importantly to remind them that we as RPCVs live in their districts and that Peace Corps continues to be a priority for us.
      • I need a few people from each district to be at those meetings as soon as I have them. If you are not sure who is your representative, here they are:
        • Darrell Issa — 49th District
        • Duncan Hunter — 50th District
        • Juan Vargas — 51st District
        • Scott Peters — 52nd District
        • Susan Davis — 53rd District
      • Look for an email from me later this summer, or better yet, email me and let me know you are ready to join me.
        Marjory Clyne

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    • Global Ed Newsletter quarterly.
      News of global issues for classroom and community use.
    • NPCA Advocacy News periodic emails
      Action alerts and news on legislation affecting PC community

Other NPCA Connections

  • MorePeaceCorps
    Organizes and supports expansion of the Peace Corps, to double its current size. Includes re-evaluating its definition and structure.
    Join the forums and join in the discussions!

  • WorldViewMagazine
    Quarterly articles of interest to RPCVs about US and World-wide activities. Online version; printed version available to NPCA members / subscribers.
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