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Member-to-Member – SDPCA members

Volunteer SDPCA members offer you this professional, skilled, friendly and free support for the fun side of things in San Diego.
Each is expert in the area listed!!

To connect for any of the activities below, please contact

The "fun side" of things San Diego
  • N-S-E-W County, etc: Boondocks Expertise
    .....Our very own boondocks outpost guide with expert info on good
    .....tent spots, camping tips, hiking info, and--as a biologist--
    .....scientific information on bats and other critters as well as
    .....leading events for SDPCA!
  • Sailing Lessons
    .....For Fun or Professional too: how to capsize in one easy lesson
  • Bicycling Support
    .....For fun and sport (bring your helmet). We have both experts and
    .....skilled novices in this group, so don't be timid--call!!
  • Sierra Club Info/Events
    .....Experienced long-term Sierra Club enthusiasts who are
    .....well-seasoned in local Sierra Club lore, events, trainings,
    .....sub-group activities, as well as leading events for SDPCA!
  • Running Advice
    .....Energetic, eager, & assiduous coaches: from casual running
    .....for fun to serious marathon level stuff.
  • Fun in Mexico
    .....From our member bilingual experts who are regulars/live there,
    .....and generously share their "inside" info: the best places to eat
    .....and visit, excursions, safety information, tips on everything.
  • Surfing–Surf’s up!! Let’s hang ten!!
    .....Expert local surfing advice by an experienced old guard surfer.

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The "serious side" of things San Diego

  • Teacher Career Information
    .....Local insights and connections
  • Member-to-Member Specific Career Mentoring,
    Information and Support

    Member-to-Member Career Support gives you a member(s) in the professional areas below for local support and information as a courtesy to RPCVs resettling or changing careers in their community
    • Agriculture/Wildlife/Forestry
    • Engineering
      Human Resources
    • Law Practice
      Medical Technology/Entymology
      Overseas Careers/Jobs
      Special Education Issues/Needs (Disabilities) and Counseling
      US Foreign Service (various agencies)
      Non-Profit Group

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