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Bringing the World Back Home

Board Members
Other Leaders

Description of Board & Leader Positions

The San Diego Peace Corps would like you to know that we are here to support other RCPVs and those interested in Peace Corps issues.

Our Board of Directors meets once a month to discuss a variety of issues that affect our members. We are always interested in hearing any comments or answering any questions that anyone might have. Feel free to contact us individually or send a general email to a board member.

NOTE: Our email addresses here are no longer clickable to prevent roaming spammers reading them. Sorry for the inconvenience

San Diego Peace Corps Association
P.O. Box 26565
San Diego, CA 92126-0565

Information SDPCA:

Board Members
June 2014 - May 2015

President -
...Sarah FurhrmannThorwirth
- Guatemala (2007-09)

• Vice President -
...Colleen Garrett
- Cape Verde (2001-03)

Chief Financial Officer -
...Gregg Pancoast
- Costa Rica (1985-86)

Secretary -
...Ashley Smallwood - Ecuador (2004-07)

Membership -
...Sharon Kennedy
- Thailand (1989-91)

...Kristen Slanina
- Cameroon (1995-98)
...Karen Lundquist -Romania (2004-07) & Lesotho (2008-10)

• Newsletter Editor
...Heather Boomer
Peru - (2010-11)
...Lynne Graham - India (1967-69)

Global Awards Fund / ISF-

...Celeste Coleman
- Ukraine (2005-07)
...Lenox Miller -
Zambia (2003-05)

Communications -
...Victor Cuevas
-.Lesotho (2008-10)0).
Sara Norko
Philippines (2007-09)

Social -
Community Service -
Speakers -
...Shared by All Board Members


Other Leaders

• New Members Chair -
...Brenda Terry-Hahn
- Nepal (1964-66)

• Webmaster -
...Don Beck
- Bolivia (1967-69)

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