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San Diego Peace Corps Association

Why Become a Member of SDPCA

When you become a member of the SDPCA you are joining a special community of people committed to peace and global understanding.

Our members serve as sources of strength, support and even assistance with a variety of issues such as: job searches, sailing lessons and even holistic therapy.

All of our board members (See Board/Leader Position Descriptions), such as, our newsletter team, this website and our SDPCA Group on NPCA's ConnectedPC site, perform these duties strictly on a volunteer basis. We are a non-profit organization and rely on membership dues to accomplish many of our administrative tasks such as: producing a bimonthly newsletter, this web-site, mailings to local schools about RCPV speakers as well as many other things.

The SDPCA seeks to provide social activities that are fun and substantive for our members. Additionally, we seek to support projects and programs of current volunteers in the field. Anyone who shares our goals of creating and sustaining a community that works toward global well-being, peace and cross-cultural understanding is heartily welcomed to become a member

If you share our goals and believe that the work that we are doing is meaningful please help us by becoming a member.

Current member activities & benefits include:

  • Pacific Waves: Award winning, bimonthly newsletter newsletter mailed to you that keeps you updated on our local events and projects as well as PC news and issues worldwide. Help produce it as well!
  • SDPCA events for YOU: social events, potlucks, community service work days, happy hours, fundraising, film festivals, and more
  • Opportunities to raise funds and approve grants for projects of San Diego PCVs still serving in the field with our Global Awards Program
  • Opportunites to recognize local exemplary groups with our Global Awareness Award
  • Networking and fellowship with RPCVs who understand your experiences, feelings and needs as no one else
  • Career Advice and Support, specific and professional, from SDPCA members skilled and experienced in your field
  • Current Job Search Information tailored for SDPCA Members
  • Professional resume advice from an SDPCA HR professional
  • Our Day-to-Day Survival Guide on how to make it work in San Diego
  • Our prize-winning website at sdpca.org with an RPCV bulletin board
  • Our Evite reminders for upcoming events
  • Our SDPCA Member to Member Just for Fun; expert member guides to local for-fun info and excursions

Membership is free for newly returned PCVs - for 1 yr from COS date.

To become a member, please send a membership form and your money to SDPCA. If you join NPCA and an affilliate, SDPCA will forward those dues on for you.

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Why Become a Member of NPCA

Membership dues help to provide membership development, member services, and World View magazine, 3/1/61 newsletter and other publications online (extra cost for printed-mailed version). NPCA maintains two linked websites:

  • NPCA Community (also called PC Connected)-- a social network allowing PRVs, RPCVs, RPVSs and friends of PC a place to connect as individuals and in various groups
  • NPCA -- NPCA's website of activities, PolyGlot (NPCA's blog), national programs, and more.

Their national programs such as Global TeachNet, the Emergency Response Network, Advocacy, and our special awards and projects are funded by the contributions from individual donors and from grants and gifts from affiliate groups, foundations and corporation. Membership structure:

  • $ 35 Regular Membership for one year.
    Membership is available to individuals on a yearly basis only (as of 1/07)
  • ***$ 15 Affiliate Group Membership - Other than SDPCA
    You will join SDPCA directly, NOT through NPCA.
    Some affiliate groups offer other membership options.
    Please check with the other Affiliate directly for more information.
  • $ 100 Sustaining Membership
  • $ 250 Leadership membership
  • $ 500 Patron Membership
  • $ 1000+ Director's Circle Membership

***If you specify membership in an additional Affiliate Group through NPCA--after checking the affiliate group list--NPCA will then forward your money to that affilliate (as of 1/07).

NPCA donors are recognized for their contributions in the 3/1/61 newsletter and other publications. The National Peace Corps Association is a 501(c)3 organization and contributions are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

To build a national network of Peace Corps alumni and friends to carry out the third goal of the Peace Corps - bringing the world back home.


  • To educate the American public about other countries
  • To promote policies consistent with the Peace Corps experience
  • To ensure the continued success of the Peace Corps
  • To be the alumni association for the Peace Corps
  • To coordinate the network of Peace Corps alumni groups
  • To promote community and international service by Peace Corps alumni and alumni groups.

The National Peace Corps Association (formerly the National Council of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) was incorporated in 1983 as the national alumni association for the people who have served as volunteers and staff in the Peace Corps. The NPCA also welcomes the families and friends of the Peace Corps community to join as associate members. It is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization with over 6,000 members and 130 affiliated groups.

The NPCA and its affiliate groups produce global education programs and advocacy campaigns, and they provide community, national and international services. It is governed by an elected board of directors, and is managed by a professional staff with headquarters in Washington, DC. It is not a part of the United States Peace Corps which is a federal agency.

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