Kent Hudson

Kent Hudson


Student teacher at O'Farrell Community School in the Social Science department.


I grew up in Washington state near Seattle. After finishing college I spent four years living in Washington DC, and have been in San Diego, CA for the last four years. I have worked at various jobs over the last eight years including commercial fishing in Alaska, retail sales and management, and selling stocks and bonds. I have enjoyed most of these endeavors on some level, and gained many insights.

Interests, Activities & Plans

My present goal is to become a social studies teacher in the San Diego Unified School District. This is a new direction for me, and comes from the relization that I wasn't finding real job satifaction in the business world. I have recently taken 45 units of history and geography to gain a supplementory authorization to teach in social sciences.

Other Interesting Things

My hobbies include surfing, hiking, camping, reading, and travel. Ideally I combine all of these a couple times a year. So far I have began to explore Baja, and plan to travel and see much of the coastal world.

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