How is the Community Perceived?

Mark Sovitsky
Russ Nielsen
Helena Cho
Mike Wells
Mark Hoskisson

People in this community noted many good characteristics about their neighborhood. Most people noted that the neighbors were very supportive of each other and seemed to be friendly. Most of the respondents were themselves longtime homeowners in the area. They felt that Martin Luther King Park, the YMCA, and recreation areas were important to the community and that the community has improved considerably in the last couple of years. Affordable housing was also mentioned as a draw to this community. Another positive aspect mentioned by the respondents were the local churches and school programs, particularly the emphasis on technology.

All was not positive, however. Many respondents mentioned that the area was rife with crime, specifically drugs, gang violence and tagging. One respondent indicated that he saw “basically cops and ambulances and the occasional automobile.” Another problem was the lack of a major shopping center and a chain supermarket. Most respondents said that they shopped elsewhere, such as Lemon Grove and Mission Valley, although a few still used the small markets in the areas. One respondent felt that the trolley station had a “great deal” of violence associated with it.

As mentioned earlier, Martin L. King park seemed to be very important to several of the respondents as a meeting place for the community on the weekends. The same was said for several other smaller parks, notably Encanto Park and Encanto Community Park.

Overall, residents had positive feelings about he community. In particular, they expressed pride in their parks, churches, and homes. There were mixed feelings about the schools, however. Respondents felt more positive about O’Farrell than Morse High School. Finally, some residents did express concern over gang violence, drugs and graffiti, but no one expressed a desire to leave the area due to these drawbacks.

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