San Diego State University - O'Farrell Community School - Morse High School

The Teaching, Technology and Restructuring Partnership (T2ARP) credential program is based at O'Farrell Community School, a nationally recognized, innovative middle school, designed to meet the needs of early adolescents from diverse cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, and at Morse High School, a technology-rich school with a strong school-to-career curricular focus. The program began in the Fall of 1993 and provides in-depth practice in areas such as educational technology, interdisciplinary teaching, and curriculum and instruction for diverse learners. Participants have the opportunity to experience the the new roles required of teachers in a restructuring environment, including those of teacher-as-facilitator, -advisor and -guide.

T2ARP is also unusual in that it crosses traditional departmental lines. It is co-directed by Dr. Rochelle Treger of the School of Teacher Education, and Dr. Bernie Dodge of the Department of Educational Technology.

In 1999-2000, the student teachers participating in the T2ARP program are:

Morse High School

O'Farrell Community School

Alex Avila, Social Science

Kellie Clarke, Social Science

Kathy Banuelos, English

Emily Cruz, English

Pam Farnsworth, Math

Ross Davis, English

Deanna Rocha, Math

Jeff De La Cruz, Social Science

Connie Miller, English

Lisa Gavender, Social Science

Jess Molinare, Math

Serra High School

Guen Sagun, English

Michaela Paz, Phys. Ed.

Greg Trego, Math

Robert Reyes, Phys. Ed.

Bill Sannwald, Social Science

You can also look at the 1994-95, 1995-96 , 1996-97 , 1997-98, and 1998-99 T2ARP student teachers.

Last updated May 21, 2000