Ocean Pollution and Solutions
-Group Roles-

Illustration by Sam Alexander


These group roles are suggested for classrooms with limited computer access. The designation of jobs allows four students to manage the use of one computer. Of course, these jobs have over-lapping responsibilities and can be modified to suit individual classroom needs.


The editor will attend periodic meetings with the editors of the other groups. During these meetings the "editor-in-chief" (classroom teacher) will offer guidance and direction for accomplishing goals. It is the responsibility of the editor to report back and relay this information to the rest of the group.

Note Taker

The note taker will write down important information as it is gathered by the group. Other members of the group may also keep records, but it is the primary responsibility of the note taker to keep detailed notes concerning the key questions.

Computer Operator

The computer operator's job is to handle the keyboard and mouse during internet searching. Others in the group should communicate to the computer operator their desires to maneuver about the internet.

URL Manager

The URL manager has the primary responsibility of keeping track of internet sites as they are visited by the group. This can be done by instructing the computer operator to make a bookmark of the location or by writing down the URL. The URL manager is also in charge of contacting any organizations for permission to use graphics or other items of copywrite concerns

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