Ocean Pollution and Solutions
-Week Three-

Illustration by Sam Alexander


Introduction & The Task

Over the past two weeks you have researched and written about ocean pollution in a chosen geographical area. This week your group will publish a newsletter of articles summarizing this information. The debut of your group's newsletter will be videotaped while you present to the rest of your classmates.


The Process

  1. Review the role of each group member.
  2. Have the editor share what occurred at last week's editor's meeting.
  3. If necessary, decide how to pursue key questions which are in need of further research.
  4. If necessary, follow through with failed attempts to contact local officials.
  5. Revise rough drafts of newletter articles and complete final drafts.
  6. Select clipart and/or original artwork for illustrating newsletter.
  7. Prepare newsletter using ClarisWorks template.
  8. Rehearse presentation of newsletter to entire class for videotaping.

Learning Advice

Complete your final drafts of the newsletters as soon as possible so that you can spend the latter half of the week preparing the newsletter itself. It can take time to place articles and graphics in a pleasing fashion. Plus, you need to take some time to rehearse for your class presentation.


Your newsletter is considered a team effort and will be evaluated in a number of areas by your teacher and classmates. You will be helping to evaluate the newsletters of other groups. Print one copy of the
evaluation page for each newsletter that you review.


The production of a newsletter culminates weeks of work to learn about the effects of ocean pollution. Through investigation, teamwork and reporting you become an active participant in the world's attempt to solve pollution problems.

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