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The x files

The x Files is a one hour show that comes on every friday night at 9 o'clock on Fox. The two main characters are agent Fox Mulder, David Duchovony, and agent Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson. Mulder was in the FBI when he became highly interested in paranormal activity. He was then hired by the bureau's violent crimes section were he develops an over welming compasion for cases known within the FBI. He is driven to find out the truth about the disapearence of his sister who was abducted when he was a child. Agent Scully was assigned to keep tabs on agent Fox "spooky" Mulder and to debunk his theories. You would think Mulder and Scully would be an odd team. Mulder believes in the paranormal phenomena and supernatural activity. While Scully is skeptical and believes that every case has a scientific explanation. Though there partership grows and Scully becomes more of a believer in the supernatural, soon Scully is the only one Mulder can trust. After studying psychology at Oxford she was recruited by the bureau. She has a degree in medicine and knowledge in forensicks. Aginst her parents wishes she went from medical school to teach at the FBI training center in Quantico. In later episodes we learn that agent Mulders father, Bill Mulder was murdered by unknown members of the shadow goverment.

The real David Duchovny::

David was born in New York

The real Gillian Anderson:

Ed and Rosemary Anderson gave birth to three children including Gillian Anderson, born August 9, 1968 in Chicago, Il. As a child Gillian had to move frequently so that her father could attend film school. Moving to Puerto Rico, then London and at the age of eleven she moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. There she attended elementary and high school. Anderson then moved to Chicago were she attended college and earned her Bfa. Next, she moved to New York, apearing in several theater performances. In 91/92 Anderson moved to Los Angeles were she was cast to play Dana Scully. Gillian Anderson is marriec and has a baby girl by the name of Piper Anderson.

Season One-Episodes and original air dates:

"Pilot" - 9/10/93
"Deep Throat"- 9/17/93
"Squeeze" - 9/24/93
"Conduit" - 10/ 1/93
"Jersey Devil" - 10/ 8/93
"Shadows" - 10/22/93
"Ghost in the Machine" - 10/29/93
"Ice"- 11/ 5/93
"Space"- 11/12/93
"Fallen Angel"- 11/19/93
"Eve"- 12/10/93
"Fire"- 12/17/93
"Beyond the Sea"- 1/ 7/94
"GenderBender"- 1/21/94
"Lazarus" - 2/ 4/94
"Young at Heart" - 2/11/94
"E.B.E." - 2/18/94
"Miracle Man"- 3/18/94
"Shapes" - 4/ 1/94
"Darkness Falls"- 4/15/94
"Tooms"- 4/22/94
"Born Again"- 4/29/94
"Roland"- 5/6/94
"The Erlenmeyer Flask" 5/13/94

Season Two-Episodes and original air dates:

"LITTLE GREEN MEN" - 09/16/94
"THE HOST"- 09/23/94
"BLOOD" - 09/30/94
"SLEEPLESS" - 10/07/94
"DUANE BARRY" - 10/14/94
"ASCENSION - 10/21/94
3 - 11/04/94
"ONE BREATH" - 11/11/94
"FIREWALKER" - 11/18/94
"RED MUSEUM" - 12/09/94
"EXCELSIUS DEI" - 12/16/94
"AUBREY" - 01/06/95
"IRRESISTIBLE" -01/13/95
"VERLETZT" - 01/27/95
"FRESH BONES" - 02/03/95
"COLONY" - 02/10
END GAME - 02/17/95
DOD KALM - 03/10/95
HUMBUG - 03/31/95
THE CALUSARI - 04/14/95
F. EMASCULATA - 04/28/95
SOFT LIGHT - 05/05/95
OUR TOWN - 05/12/95
ANASAZI - 05/19/95

Season Three-Episodes and original air dates:

"THE BLESSING WAY" - 09/22/95
"PAPER CLIP" - 09/29/95
"D.P.O." - 10/06/95
"THE LIST" - 10/20/95
"2SHY" - 11/03/95
"THE WALK" - 11/10/95
"OUBLIETTE" - 11/17/95
"NISEI" - 11/24/95
"731" - 12/01/95
REVELATIONS - 12/15/95
"GROTESQUE" - 01/26/96
"SYZYGY" - 02/02/96
"PIPER MARU" - 02/09/96
"APOCRYPHA" - 02/16/96
"PUSHER" - 02/23/96
"TESO DOS BICHOS" - 03/08/96
"HELL MONEY" - 03/29/96
"AVATAR" - 04/26/96
"QUAGMIRE" - 05/03/96
"WETWIRED" - 05/10/96
"TALITHA CUMI" - 05/17/96

David Duchovny was born in New York City were he was raised and then attended Princetin university. There he played one season as shooting gaurd on the school's basketball team was earning his Ph.D in English Literature Born and raised in New York City, Duchovny attended Princeton University (where he played one season as shooting guard on the school's basketball team), and was on the road to earning his Ph.D. in English Literature at Yale University when he began to commute twice a week to New York to study acting. He was soon appearing in Off-Broadway plays and, in 1987, in the midst of his doctoral studies, left Yale to pursue acting full-time in New York and, later, Los Angeles. Duchovny is single and, when not in Vancouver working on THE X-FILES, spends his free time playing basketball, practicing yoga, and reading poetry in local clubs.

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