A Comparative Study
-Week One-


San Diego, California

Biarritz, France


The cities of San Diego, California and Biarritz, France have striking similarities. They are positioned in relatively the same location in their respective countries: the southwestern corner of the U.S. and of France, on the ocean, and on the border with a Spanish-speaking country. During this week you will conduct research to compare a specific aspect of these two cities.

The Task

Some guiding questions are:


San Diego Biarritz

The Process

  1. Download the permission letter.
  2. Print a copy of the permission letter and take it home to be signed by a parent or guardian. Bring the signed letter back to your teacher.
  3. Select one of the following areas as a focus of your research:
    • location (area topography, longitude and latitude);
    • marine life (type and quantity of fish and animals);
    • kelp (quantity, production, uses);
    • the ocean floor (topography, exploration);
    • the fishing industry;
    • recreation;
    • water currents;
    • meteorology.
  4. Use the internet to visit the sites listed in the "Resources" section.
  5. Bookmark any sites you find to be particularly useful.
  6. Take notes of interesting facts and information concerning the focus of your research about San Diego and Biarritz.

Learning Advice

When checking out the sites in the resource list be sure to read carefully and take accurate notes. It will save you having to go back to them again later. Remember to keep focused on the topic you have chosen. If you are planning to include a graphic that you've located at a particular site you will need to e-mail to get permission to use it. Also, you will need to have the parent permission letter signed and returned before your work will be published on the internet.


Partner up with a classmate and read your notes to each other. Ask yourself these questions:


By the end of this week you should have compiled substantial information about San Diego and Biarritz. You will hopefully notice many similarities and differences. Is the information complete? What's missing? Next week you will be diving deeper into the internet to fill any gaps in your research.

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