A Comparative Study
-Week Three-


San Diego, California

Biarritz, France

Introduction/The Task

You now have a completed venn diagram which organizes the information you have gathered about San Diego, California and Biarritz, France. It's time to use this information to compose a short article that compares the two cities. You will be publishing this article on the internet.


The Process

  1. Download the article template.
  2. Use your notes and venn diagram to compose a short article.
  3. Type your article into the template in the appropriate areas.
  4. To see what it will look like once it is published, click and drag the article's icon directly onto an internet browser page.
  5. Get informal feedback from classmates before publishing.
  6. Turn in an electronic copy of the completed template to your teacher.

Learning Advice

People have spent years learning web publishing with HTML. With the template you can publish your article without much effort. However, the various code characters (< > " /) are essential. Don't accidentally remove any of these special characters while you are typing the words of your article.


Your article will be evaluated anonymously by three of your classmates. This feedback along with the teacher's will determined how well you compared the two cities. At the same time, you will be anonymously evaluating the articles of three other classmates. Follow this procedure.
  1. Once your article is published print three copies of the rubric.
  2. Fill in the title and your name on each copy.
  3. Give the three copies to your teacher.
  4. Your teacher will give you three from other students to evaluate.
  5. Remember this is anonymous so don't write your name on your classmates' rubrics.
  6. When you are finished evaluating the other articles give the rubrics back to your teacher.


After this week you will be a published author. You have used your internet research skills to compare and write about San Diego and Biarritz. You have also become critical readers as you have evaluated other similar articles.

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