A Comparative Study
-Week Two-


San Diego, California

Biarritz, France

Introduction/The Task

Last week you visited predetermined internet sites to compare San Diego, California and Biarritz, France. Hopefully you gathered a lot of information and are well on your way to a greater understanding of these two cities. This week you will take your research a step further by using internet search engines to explore the topic.


There are many search engines you can use to explore the internet. They each use basically the same system and have you enter key words or phrases to be searched. Three of the most popular are:

The Process

  1. Read your notes from last week.
  2. Review the focus of your research.
  3. Use one of the search engines listed in the "Resources" section to conduct further research about your topic.
  4. Continue taking notes and bookmarking any useful sites.
  5. Download and print a copy of the venn diagram.
  6. Complete the diagram to organize key information that you have gathered over the past two weeks.

Learning Advice

When using the search engines be sure to put specific words and phrases that are related to your topic. For example, if you are focussing on aspects concerning fishing, the word "fishing" should be contained in your search (of course entering only the word "fishing" will yield too wide a selection of sites.) Also, with the abundance of information it is tempting to stray from the topic. Keep focused and take good notes.


Take another look at your notes and the venn diagram. Is there enough information to write a short article comparing the two cities? If not, either revisit some of your bookmarked sites or continue using the search engines until you feel you have located all the missing pieces.


By the end of this week you should have organized the information you have collected over the past two weeks. The venn diagram should clearly indicate what is unique about each city and what they have in common.

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