A Comparative Study


San Diego, California

Biarritz, France

Title of Article __________________________________

Author's name __________________________________

Use the following rubric to anonymously evaluate your classmate's article.

Focused Topic
The article's information rambles and does not pinpoint one particular aspect for comparison
Briefly mentions a topic for comparison, but gives few details
Describes the topic for comparing the two cities and gives several examples for each
Article clearly defines topic for comparison and goes on to give specific details

Gives information that is unique to each city
Never mentions any unique information
Gives very little unique information
Gives some information that is unique to each city
Gives a great deal of interesting and unique information

Gives information about how the two cities are similar
Does not compare the similarities of the two cities
Only points out one or two ways that the cities are similar
Points out several ways that the two cities are similar
Shows many ways that the two cities are similar

Well organized
Lacks topic sentences and has no logical sequence
Article has only one topic sentence and its sequence is confusing
Article includes some topic sentences and is somewhat sequential
Every section begins with a clearly stated topic sentence and the sections follow a logical sequence

Clear and Understandable
Very difficult to follow
Mostly difficult to follow and understand
Mostly easy to understand
Easy to read and follow the information

Correct grammar and spelling
Very frequent grammar and/or spelling errors
A few grammar and/or spelling errors
Only one or two errors in spelling/grammar
All grammar and spelling are correct


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