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This page indexes the growing list of resources and tools available to participants in San Diego Unified School District's Triton Project, a Challenge Grant funded by the U. S. Department of Education. Check back frequently for new materials!


August Workshop @ SDSU - Workshop outline and links for the August 22-23 sessions for Triton teachers.

Triton People - Contact information for teachers, Principals, Non-School Partners, and other individuals working on the project.

Triton SiteBase - A database of World Wide Web sites useful for the development of ocean-themed units.

Project Index - Links to draft projects being developed by Triton participants.

Unit Template - A generic structure for documenting units.

Lesson/Activity Template - A generic structure for documenting shorter-term activities and lessons.

Sculpting the Triton Curriculum - A presentation on how we might begin to shape the Triton Curriculum

Some Thoughts About WebQuests - A paper describing an approach to the design of structured inquiry on the internet.


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