Basic Web Development


Web development is getting easier and easier. Now you can create pages without worrying too much about HTML by using WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) programs like Claris HomePage. Still, it helps to have a basic understanding of what's under the hood for those cases in which the editor doesn't do what you expect. In this session, we'll include a gentle introduction to HTML.


A. Claris HomePage Introduction

In this procedure, you will be introduced to the Claris HomePage interface and a chart of Claris icon buttons and their functions. The chart can be printed to use as a quick reference.

B. Modifying/Saving a Document

This section provides information on modifying and saving a Web document, which can also be printed as a future reference.

C. Basic HTML

To go beyond the basics of Claris HomePage, this section gives you a peak at some simple HTML tags. You will see a split view of a Web page as it appears in the viewer next to the page's HTML coding.




Web development has come a long way and more people are posting Web pages ranging from personal profiles, hobby interests, educational sites, and more. After completing this introduction to basic Web development using Claris HomePage, you too can join others in the World Wide Web Publishers' Circle.

This page was created by Katie Beedon.

Revised July 16, 1997