Organizing Your Files for Transfer to a Remote Server

To organize your files, the first thing you'll need to do is to create a container folder and a site file for them. The Site File is a file that you make in Home Page that stores information about the name of the server your files will be sent to, your username, and so on. You only need to set this up once for each project.

When you're done, you'll have a Site File inside an envelope folder along with your project folder (which contains all of your web pages and an image folder with all your graphics).


To create the Site File, go to the File menu and drag down to New and over to Site



Next, navigate your way through the file dialog box so that you'll be saving the Site File inside your envelope folder.

You might want to rename the file as Project_Site, though it really doesn't matter what it's called.

Click on Save when you're ready.


Next, you need to tell Home Page the name of your server and your username. For the Triton Project, your username on the Ed Tech server is the name of your school (or a shorter version thereof... your site coordinator can remind you if you forget.)

Your username gets you directly into the folder for your school, so you don't need to put anything in the Remote Directory field to store your project file.

Sinc you've been keeping all your images in a separate folder already, set the popup to Never Consolidate. Check the box that says only upload files that have changed.

Finally, click on the Upload Site button.



The last step is to type in your password, which you should have written down somewhere and saved in a Swiss bank deposit box (or ask your site coordinator).

From this point onward, Transferring Files to a remote server is just a two step process.



This page by Josh Rude and Bernie Dodge. Last updated July 25, 1997