This country down under has always stood firm against any sort of nuclear testing. For years Australia has watched the United States, Britain, and France conduct nuclear tests in the South Pacific, try as it might it has had little success up to now detering the superpowers. The responsibility of protecting the interests of other South Pacific Islands are in the hands of Australia. Australia needs to hold its position firmly, not only with emotion, but information!


Listed below are a series of questions that are to start you off in the right direction. It will be up to you to formulate an argument that defends your actions/position. These questions do not even come close to address all the possible issues that can be derived from the resources provided. Also remember, that like you, all other groups have a spy that will be examining this page and probably some of your resources. Your best arguments will not be the most obvious ones.

  1. What specific threats does nuclear testing pose against Australia?
  2. Other South Pacific people?
  3. Why does the government feel it must stand so strongly on this instance?
  4. What plans of actions could Australia implement to further its cause?


General Resources

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