The group that acts as France has the most difficult role. Chances are that all of the nations and organizations will come out against the French. The international mood in regards to nuclear testing has been quite sour. Nations and organizations have coordinated massive protests, and have even managed to delay planned tests.

It is important that France holds strong to what it believes. That does not mean you cannot compromise at all, but you must walk away with some sort of victory. To do otherwise would be an embrassment to the nation of France and the administration of the government, to achieve nothing would assure a lose in the next election.


Listed below are a series of questions that are to start you off in the right direction. It will be up to you to formulate an argument that defends your actions/position. These questions do not even come close to address all the possible issues that can be derived from the resources provided. Also remember, that like you, all other groups have a spy that will be examining this page and probably some of your resources. Your best arguments will not be the most obvious ones.

  1. What is the main motivation of France to renew testing in the South Pacific?
  2. How does France's ideas of nationalism, defense, and concept of self in a global system come into play?
  3. Why select Murora instead of a site within its own borders?
  4. In a world that has become more and more denuclearized, why continue testing.


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