This group has proven itself to be the activists of the summits. While Greenpeace does not enjoy nation status, its influence and activism has earned it a seat at this summit. Greenpeace has demostrated its convictions by organizing anti-nuclear testing protests at French embassies all around the world. The organization has a particular bone to pick with France, because of the alleged French bombing of Greenpeaces Rainbow Warrior vessel in an Australian harbor 10 years ago.

While Greenpeace has vowed to do anything to stop further testing, it is important that it recognizes its boundries. The moderators of the summit will not put up with antics that disrupt the conference and will either silence or remove participants who over step their bounds.


Listed below are a series of questions that are to start you off in the right direction. It will be up to you to formulate an argument that defends your actions/position. These questions do not even come close to address all the possible issues that can be derived from the resources provided. Also remember, that like you, all other groups have a spy that will be examining this page and probably some of your resources. Your best arguments will not be the most obvious ones.

  1. What are Greenpeace's goals and objectives? In regards to nuclear testing?
  2. Why does Greenpeace deserve a seat at the conference?
  3. What research does Greenpeace sponsor that is relevant to this summit?
  4. What are your particular experiences with France?


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