The United States

The U.S. plays an interesting role in this episode in nuclear testing. Having just declared that testing in America has officially come to a close, the United States has stood strong against any continued testing any where in the world. However, it is up to the group to listen to the arguments of the other nations/organizations, especially France. While a key player in any nuclear issue, it will be important for the United States not to dominate the summit or attempt any harsh attacks. Since this simulation is a hypothetical situation, the can determine the party of the administration, this could alter your stance on testing slightly, allowing for a more moderate position. This is the groups decision.


Listed below are a series of questions that are to start you off in the right direction. It will be up to you to formulate an argument that defends your actions/position. These questions do not even come close to address all the possible issues that can be derived from the resources provided. Also remember, that like you, all other groups have a spy that will be examining this page and probably some of your resources. Your best arguments will not be the most obvious ones.

  1. How does the U.S. stand on nuclear weapons? Testing?
  2. What are the differences between the U.S.' and France's foreign policies?
  3. How can the U.S. denounce France when it just conducted its final tests for continued future weapons development?


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