Samantha Weber

Samantha Weber Profile (continued)

Samantha's thesis work investigated the impacts of social trails (visitors) on small mammal and vegetation communities. While conducting that field work, she worked on weekends for Cabrillo National Monument. In 1994, after completing graduate school, Samantha returned to Cabrillo National Monument, and has been Acting Chief of the Natural Resource Science Division since fall of that year.

Samantha's "chief" responsibilities include biological inventory and monitoring (including intertidal), developing and managing the park Geographic Information System database, and resource management planning. Currently, the park is participating with UCSD in one of the largest herpetological (reptile and amphibian) studies ever conducted, so Samantha recruits, trains, and coordinates volunteers for that project, as well as for the intertidal survey. Working with many different scientists conducting research at Cabrillo National Monument, Samantha has sampled air quality, and marine and terrestrial plants and animals including: intertidal plants and animals; small mammals; large carnivores; reptiles and amphibians; birds; moths; and fugus. In her free time, Samantha volunteers in a raptor (e.g., hawks, owls) study, and helps improve wildlife habitat.

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