Grades 6-8 Math WebQuests
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A License To DriveDesigned to guide adolescents through the process of getting a drivers license.
A Pizza Family ReunionUse spreadsheets to modify a recipe and develop a shopping list for a large party.
Aerodynamic AdventureActivities built around a simulation about plane flight and math.
Creative Encounter of the Numerical KindAfter researching place value and numeration systems, students create a base-4 numeration system for a primitive alien tribe.
Design a Dream VacationGiven a $2000 per person budget, design a vacation from a list of destinations. Use spreadsheet. Decide on sights and activities.
Designing a HomeDesign a house using plans, considering costs, energy use, etc.
Dream A Dream, Reach A GoalCreate a realistic fiction story with information about a musher, his dog team, the trail, the weather, and the checkpoints along the Iditarod Race.
Evaluating Math GamesPlay and evaluate math games.
FranchiseConvince your classmates to invest in the franchise business you've selected.
Fun with TangramsThis is a lesson that will use tangrams to show how the areas of some polygons are related to each other.
Geometry Meets PoetryTake a concept from geometry and portray it as a poem and an animated graphic.
Harry Potter WebQuestHarry Potter has challenged your school to a Quidditich Match... but first you need a field and the supplies. Review concepts of decimals, percent, measurement, perimeter, area, circumference, and money management.
Hockey Salary CreatorUse mathematical concepts to evaluate the hockey players of National Hockey League teams.
Home ImprovementYou are being hired as interior decorators to design newly remodeled rooms.
Introduction to ProbabilityExplores the difference between experimental and theoretical probability
Let's Have a Field Day!Plan a day in the park and figure out how much it will cost.
Madeline's RoomMadeline and 11 other girls live in a large rectangular room, where twelve beds are placed along the walls. Please help the girls rearrange their beds to fit the Nilse's house.
March MadnessAnalyze the statistics leading up to the NCAA Basketball championship games.
Math-ScapeThis webquest has students create a landscape design.
Nobel MathematiciansExplore biographies of mathematicians, choose one for the non-existent Nobel Prize, and create a press kit to promote his/her nomination.
Personal Budget WebQuestSet up a budget and a lifestyle.
Roller Coaster MadnessDesign a roller coaster.
Roller Coaster StatisticsResearch eight roller coasters and decide which roller coaster offers the best thrill based on height, length, and maximum speed.
Searching for SolutionsSolve real-life problems involving Internet research and higher level math skills. New URL.
Sports NightCollect data about athletes, scatter graph the data, and make predictions about future performance.
Teaching TessellationsWrite a book explaining tessellations to 4th, 5th and 6th graders at a neighboring elementary school.
The Dilemma of the Dangerous MeatloafStudents determine and defend a position on the healthfulness of a food through analysis/research
The King of TidesAnalyze real-time data to try to prove a causal relationship between the moon and tides
The Rising Cost of CollegesResearch 3 colleges of choice. Investigate tuition rates and other expenses. Find scholarships.
Titanic: What Can Numbers Tell Us?Create a spreadsheet and examine statistics about the voyage.
Vacation Anyone?The students use the Internet to take an imaginary vacation somewhere in the US and then present it.
Weekend@Bernie'sMake a budget for a given (yet strangely familiar) family.
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Analyze career paths and investment habits needed to become a millionaire in one lifetime.
Your Opinion SellsDesign, conduct, analyze and write up a student opinion poll.
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