Grades 9-12 English/Language Arts WebQuests
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A Dickens of a QuestDetermine Dickens' intent in writing A Tale of Two Cities.
A Pilgrim's TaleA creative design product which introduces students to Medieval theatre.
A Separate PeaceAssemble a time capsule to capture New England in the 1940s.
A Traveler's Graphic JournalA virtual journey from San Diego to San Francisco which results in a published graphic journal.
A Wind in the DoorJust how close is fact to fiction? Compare and contrast what you read in this sci-fi fantasy to the facts you learn in your biology class.
Advertisers: Interpreters of our Dreams?Learn how power is concentrated in the media industry, techniques used in advertising. Create an ad.
All Roads Lead to RomeResearch Ancient Roman life to gain requisite understanding for study of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
America Dreams ...through the decadesAfter examining the American Dreams online exhibit at the Library of Congress students compile info to create a documentary or exhibit.
Amistad RevoltAnalyze the plot of the film, participate in an online debate on Human Rights vs. Property Rights and gather information to construct a timeline of significant events in the case.
An Unsolved MysteryWrite a historical mystery
Analyzing AfghanistanCreate a biographical report about a fictitious Afghan citizen. 
Anthem: A Utopian SocietyDesign a utopian society. Build's on the reading of Ayn Rand's novel.
Ark Helpers SocietyMembers of the Ark Helpers Society are zoo keepers who must design an informational brochure of an endangered or threathened animal of their choice.
Atlantis QuestYou are about to embark upon an expedition to uncover the truth about Atlantis.
Back in Time: Historical FictionCollaboratively produce a piece of historical fiction focusing on setting, plot and character.
Bay QuestExamine the causes of nutrient pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.
Bringing Lyrics to LifeThis WebQuest guides students to create a multimedia book by integrating Hyperstudio.
Censorship and Fahrenheit 451Explore contemporary and past censorship issues starting with Fahrenheit 451.
Challenge, Intrigue and PerspectiveNegotiate a Middle East peace treaty.
Choose Your Own AdventureStudents develop interactive stories with multiple twists of plot and points of view
Corruption in LitShows how corruption in So. Florida is similar to HEART OF DARKNESS by Joseph Conrad.
Courtship and Marriage Around the WorldAnalyze marriage and its impact on the role of women.
Create a Travel BrochurePick up a destination and create an enticing brochure for your travel agency.
Creating an Anthology of LiteratureSelect an author and create an anthology of their work. Persuasive arguments must accompany each selection.
Creating the 8th ContinentDesign a utopian society on a new continent
Cyber Science MagCreate an online science magazine on an animal, a scientist, or a scientific current event.
DecisionsLearn to recognize the thought processes that go into making an important decision, and how decisions affect many people in many different ways.
Diary of Anne FrankTravel into the past and report on Ann Frank's world.
Edgar Allan Poe: Father of HorrorTake a creative look at Poe's troubled life and how it shaped his stories of horror.
eGallery of Tragic Heroes in Literature and LifeIdentify five tragic heroes, provide graphic representations of each hero, write a summary that places each tragic hero in context, and write a justification and analysis explaining why each choice is a true tragic hero.
Evil in LiteratureDirects students to realize imagery that Shakespeare uses to portray Macbeth as an evil chararacter.
Extra! Extra! Read All About It! The Great GatsbyResearch the time period of the 1920s as well as critically analyze the novel of The Great Gatsby. The work is compiled in a period magazine.
Extreme Sports WebQuestA virtual field trip across the country to create a magazine article (based on a real project)
F. Scott Fitzgerald and the 1920sResearch and present a plan for a 1920s party including music, food and guest list.
Fact or Fiction: Truth, Opinion, and the WebLearn to evaluate sources on the Web for accuracy and validity.
Farenheit 451Accomplish three tasks that relate themes from the book to historical events.
Farewell to ManzanarDeals with issues surrounding Japanese-American internment during WWII
Find a Need and Fill ItParticipants learn the value of community involvement as they set about finding and filling needs in their community.
Give Jonas a New HomeCreate the details of a utopian community to extend the ending to the book The Giver.
Good and Evil in BeowulfStudents realize what happens when the Yin-Yang collides with Beowulf and Grendel to produce good and evil.
Good and Evil in Lord of the FliesStudents take the seat of a clinical psychologist as they examine depravity in Lord of the Flies.
Gordon Parks WebQuestA study of Gordon Parks' life and work, an analysis of his perspectives and photographic themes
Great Expectations for a Creative TextbookDesign a textbook - an anthology of British literature. Learn about textbook selection as well.
Heart of DarknessThis web quest introduces high school students to five schools of literary criticism, and asks them to apply what they have learned to select passages from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Students should use this web quest after reading and studying Heart of Darkness is a classroom environment.
Heroes Among Us: World War II Interview ProjectResearch, create, and interview using the World War II setting
I Am Joe's...Students learn about structure, function and medical importance of a part of the body and write a report similar to the "I Am Joe's" and "I Am Jane's" series of articles published in Reader's Digest in the 1970's.
In the Middle of the NightPut a newspaper together, inspired by the book by Robert Cormier.
Intolerance and Fear - Constructing New TomorrowsUnderstanding intolerance, fear and hate and deciding what to do when faced with them
Jack London: Adventurer, Writer, and Thinker A WebQuest for 11th Grade American Literature critiquing the works of Jack London.
Jean-Paul Sartre NO EXIT WebquestProve that you exist. Examine your concept of hell.
John Merrick: An Extraordinary LifeA lesson built around the life of John Merrick "The Elephant Man." Students research Merrick's life, disease, personality, etc. to create a 3-part medical journal. They will also produce a 5 paragraph persuasive essay on their opinion of Mr. Merrick's character.
Let's Squash Tobacco Use!Create an anti-smoking campaign for teens.
Letters to . . . Nora and TorvaldTo go along with the book "A Doll's House." Become either Nora or Torvald and write a letter to the other using research on Norway to help fill in the details.
Lord of the FliesDesign a survival strategy and bill of rights.
Mission to MarsCreate a newscast, diary, autobiography and logo around the first human voyage to Mars.
MythologyA webquest in which students create their own mythology gods. They are divided into 4 roles.
NightComplete five tasks that will increase your knowledge about the complex events of W.W.II and the Holocaust. Builds on Weisel's book Night.
Nineteenth Century American Women Writers: Discovering the Lost pages of Our "Scribbling Women"Invites students to explore the works of 19th century American women writers whose works are commonly neglected in state adopted literature anthologies.
Odyssey QuestStudents explore Homer's Odyssey and assume the persona of one of the characters. After researching their character, students design a slideshow recounting their experience with Odysseus from the character's point of view.
Odyssey Theme ParkCreate a new theme park based on the epic.
PeaceQuestPeaceQuest is designed to engage society in a dialogue to eliminate hatred and bigotry, to foster understanding and tolerance and to bring peace to our world.
Personal Reflections on VietnamStudents take on roles that portray different perspectives regarding the Vietnam War.
Poetry and the PlanetsCreate a poem that uses metaphor and simile to describe the appearance of planetary surfaces.
Polar Ice CapsLook at exploration at the polar ice caps and then plan a trip. Interdisciplinary.
Progressive Era & World War IDesign a time capsule that captures the defining moments of this era.
Put Your School On the WebStudents take the roles of student, teacher, parent, principal and district administrator and work to bring their varying points of view together enough to create policies to govern a school web site and a mock-up of the actual site.
Radio ProductionIn this media study WebQuest students work together to develop a music playlist for a radio station.
Read2Kids: A WebQuest for TutorsIn this WebQuest participants will learn about the methods and importance of reading aloud to young children.
Reading BuddiesLearn about illiteracy, design a children's book and read it to elementary students.
Remembering the Holocaust through Hyperlinked PoetryAfter reading NIGHT, students learn step-by-step about imagery and creating a hyperlinked poem
Retelling the Classic TalesDrama students are responsible for all aspects of a performance of a play based on a fairy tale.
Rewriting Romeo and JulietRewrite a scene from Romeo and Juliet and create a Theatrical Porfolio.
Rewriting Wuthering HeightsRewrite Wuthering Heights in a new time period.
Roll of Thunder: Hear My CryWrite an entry that might be found in Cassie's journal that reflects your understanding of the events and the impact they may have had on the Logan family's life.
Romeo and JulietAn interdisciplinary unit using Romeo and Juliet/Shakespeare combining science and literature
Seven Wonders of the Ancient WorldTravel back in time to evaluate the Seven Wonders to create an 8th Wonder
Sonny's BluesWrite a song about the Blues
Sticks and StonesDesign a public service announcement aimed at teens to discourage bullying and teasing.
Still Got The BluesStudents learn about the Blues as an American art form by researching the history, people, musical structure, and lyrical quality. Ideal for students who are disengaged with the traditional English curriculum since it provides an alternate entry point through blues music.
Studying the Background of Arthur Miller's The CrucibleStudy various persecutions of people groups throughout history and develop a solution to prevent such persecutions for happening in the future.
Teach Me a StoryStudents work as a team of teachers to develop and deliver a lesson on a short story to their class.
That's a Possibility: UFOs A debate on the existence of UFOs.
The AwakeningAs you read about Edna Pontellier, decide for yourself whether she was courageous or mentally disturbed; an inspiration or a threat to society.
The Crucible: Timeless PersecutionsResearch persecutions in history and then write a play on the subject.
The Devil's ArithmeticTravel back to the Holocaust.
The Goal Reaching ProcessResearch career options, formulate a concrete and  measurable goal. Design a plan for attaining your goal.
The Great Gatsby WebQuestStudents deepen their understanding of the novel "The Great Gatsby" through an examination of an aspect of cultural history of the 1920s.
The OutsidersA young boy is found dead in a local park, a victim of a stab wound. No further information is known. Your job is to investigate this mystery.
The Salem SentinelStudents, prior to the study of The Crucible, use this to learn about Salem pre-witch trials.
The Salem Witch Trials: Rewrite HistoryBecome the jury and the accused and decide how the trials should have turned out.
The Things They CarriedStudents recreate the contents of a Vietnam soldier's pack, thus discovering who the soldier was.
The Tinman ProjectOrganize a community service project.
The Watson's Go To BirminghamDocument life in the segrated South of 1963.
Their Eyes Were Watching GodCreate an oral history for a character in the novel.
Therapy Animals, Yes or No?Investigate therapy animals and develop a persuasive multimedia presentation.
Things Fall ApartExamine the culture and history behind this African novel and relate it to larger questions.
Threads of Change in 19th Century AmericaAsks students to synthesize their investigation of the "isms" of 19th century American literature and thought: Romanticism, Abolitionism, Feminism, Transcendentalism, Industrialism.
To Kill a Mockingbird: Extra!Produce a newspaper article on life in the South in the 1930s.
To Kill a Mockingbird: Growing up in the 1930sWrite letters to the present from the time of the novel
True love or Not true love?Consider the romantic actions of Romeo and Juliet, and weigh their choices against the consequences that resulted. Decipher the difference between love and lust.
Under the Blood Red SunGo behind the book as you investigate the Japanese involvement in WW II.
Understanding FallaciesAnalyze and compare logical fallacies.
What's the Worth of a Person?Explores India's caste system, equality, and gender roles with Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird as background.
When I Grow UpThis is a career exploration WebQuest that asks students to research a career.
Who Gets the Only Lifeboat?The world's largest ship is going to sink with all the major leaders of the world, including educators, doctors, religious leaders, and statesmen. Which of the four esteemed groups should be awarded the only lifeboat?
Will the Real William Shakespeare Please Stand Up?Assume the role of a juror and compile evidence to solve the Shakespearean authorship question.
Witchcraft or Witchhunt?Compare the McCarthy era with the Salem witch trials by writing parallel diaries.
Witness for the ProsecutionStudents are asked to become lawyers and prove the Holocaust truly happened.
Women's Plight to Be HeardConvince male businessmen over the need for a journal of women's writing.
World War II and the Four FreedomsAfter researching and analyzing the causes of WW II and U.S. involvement in the war, students will follow the writing process to write a persuasive essay defending the "Four Freedoms"
WringerAs a city council member of your town, you have been appointed the town's expert on pigeons. Find out as much as you can about these birds in order to find a solution to the town's problem.
Ye Olde ShoppeDesign a Medieval or Renaissance Period business.
You Teach the DecadesAn opportunity for students to become the "teacher" while learning about the 20th Century.
Zoom in on Your FutureFind and describe a career.
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