Grades 9-12 Math WebQuests
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Buying Your First CarWhat one may incur when buying car for the first time.
Charts and GraphsUse Internet sites to gather data to create bar and line graphs and pie charts
Evaluating Math GamesPlay and evaluate math games.
Fun with TangramsThis is a lesson that will use tangrams to show how the areas of some polygons are related to each other.
Hockey Salary CreatorUse mathematical concepts to evaluate the hockey players of National Hockey League teams.
Introduction to ProbabilityExplores the difference between experimental and theoretical probability
Major LeaguesBaseball has gotten rid of long term contracts and pay is based upon the performance of the player the year before.
Make it BeautifulStudents will design a landscape project, estimate its cost, sell the project to their fellow students, and plant it.
Mathart: Connecting Math and ArtDesign and teach a lesson that integrates art and math.
My First CarCan you buy your own car? Where do you buy it? What about insurance? How will you pay for it?
Nobel MathematiciansExplore biographies of mathematicians, choose one for the non-existent Nobel Prize, and create a press kit to promote his/her nomination.
Personal Budget WebQuestSet up a budget and a lifestyle.
Puzzling MathematicsDiscover the math behind puzzles and games
Road BlockStudy averages, data analysis, data manipulation, trends, and graphing while analyzing car insurance.
School Tours, Inc.Students plan a trip with a list of specifications.
Space Station PhyveResearch and design a rotating space station or colony.
Take Me Out to the Ball GameUsing statistical data you will determine the best ten years for various famous baseball hitters. Based upon your statistical information you will come to a conclusion, WHO IS THE BEST BASEBALL HITTER OF ALL TIME?
The Art of MathematicsIntegrate math and art
The Best Mathematicians You've Never Heard OfFind out information about a mathematician then create a presentation
The Great PyramidBuild a scale model of the pyramids at Giza and compare them mathematically with each other and with some present day structure.
Titanic: What Can Numbers Tell Us?Create a spreadsheet and examine statistics about the voyage.
Trilingual Packaging DilemmaDesign a sturdy, attractive box for a game using triangles.
What's in a Line?Visit the Internet and see how linear equations come up in real life.
What's Your Favorite Proof of the Pythagorean TheoremStudents present one of the proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem, develop their own proof, and grapple with related questions. They compare research done in Pythagoras's day to research done today, and contrast the treatment of the Pythagorean Society to treatment of other groups in more recent times.
When Will I Ever Use This?The most common complaint that students have about mathematics and algebra in particular is "When am I ever going to use this". Today algebra is ON TRIAL.
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Analyze career paths and investment habits needed to become a millionaire in one lifetime.
Yellowstone Caldera WebquestMake predictions about volcanic activity and damage based on historical data.
Your Opinion SellsDesign, conduct, analyze and write up a student opinion poll.
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